Saleyard prices through the roof

January 6, 2016 10:59 am

Records continue to tumble and prices beyond the 400c/kg mark are a regular achievement in saleyards, as Angus and Angus cross cattle ride the wave of high prices that the cattle market is demanding.

Prices remained red hot at the regular Wodonga store cattle sale (VIC 18/11/15), with the feature of the sale being the dispersal of Michael and Denise Burke’s herd as they head into retirement.

The Burke’s, from Conargo NSW topped all markets across the sale, with their Angus cattle.

Steers made up to $1,590 for 14 Angus steers, 15 months and weighing 520kg.

Angus Heifers were knocked down for a top price of $1,260 for 14 Angus heifers, unjoined and weighing 440kg.

While Angus cows and calves well and truly hit the $2,000 mark, topping at $2,250 for 19 cows, two to three years with Aug/Sep drop calves at foot.

Other Wodonga results:

– 13 Angus steers, 479kgs, Ben Valley Angus, Ben Valley, VIC, made $1,530
– 7 Angus steers, 513kg Ben Valley Angus, Ben Valley, VIC, made $1520
– 30 Angus steers, 345kg, Rowe family, Lurg, VIC, made $1180
– 12 Angus steers, 345kg, Matt Martin, Humula VIC made $1,120
– 20 Angus steers, 281kgs, Reynolds family, Tallangatta VIC, made $1,050
– 50 Angus heifers, 351kg, 15-16 months Cavan Station made $1,100
– 9 Angus heifers, 371kg, Michael & Denise Burke, Conargo NSW, made $1,050
– 23 cows, 4 to 5 years with calves, Michael & Denise Burke, Conargo NSW, made $2,100

A record was set at Mt Gambier (SA 13/11/15) with steers making a massive 436c/kg for a draft of EU accredited Angus steers, offered by the Patzel Family, Bamboa, Strathdownie VIC.

The 10-11 month old steers were 228kg and made $995 per head.

Angus cows with their first calves at foot topped the cow and calf market. Bassendean, Strathdownie VIC offered their 13 cows with 14 Angus calves at foot, re-joined to Angus bulls to make $1,960.

A second pen of their first calvers made $1,950.

Other Mt Gambier results:

– 22 weaned Angus steers, 310kg, 8-10 months, Willowbank, made 366c/kg or $1,135
– 49 Angus steers, 305kg, Bamboa, Strathdownie VIC, made 364c/kg or $1,110
– 15 Angus steers, 333kg, 10 months, LK King, Mount Benson SA, made 351c/kg or $1,170
– 13 EU accredited Angus cross Simmental steers, 290kg, 8-9 months, Kinkella Pastoral, Mumbannar VIC,

  made 348c/kg or $1,010
– EU accredited Angus cross Simmental steers, 325kg, 8-9 months, Kinkella Pastoral, Mumbannar VIC,

  made 344c/kg or $1,120
– 12 Angus cross steers, 384kg, 12-14 months, Richmond Hill, made 328c/kg or $1,260
– 10 Angus steers, 350kg, 12-14 months, Scotchmans Hill, Condah VIC, made 331c/kg or $1,160
– 11 Angus steers, 381kg, 10 months, LK King, Mount Benson SA, made 328c/kg or $1,250
– 21 EU accredited Angus steers, 396kg, 10-11 months, Bamboa, Strathdownie VIC, made 327c/kg or

– 12 Angus & Angus cross steers, 384kg, Glenora, Strathdownie VIC, made 325c/kg or $1,250
– 25 EU accredited Angus heifers, 190g, 8-9 months, Bamboa, Strathdownie VIC, made 363c/kg or $690
– 25 EU accredited Angus heifers, 227kg, 8-9 months, Bamboa, Strathdownie VIC, made 348c/kg or $790

The Bairnsdale store cattle sale (VIC 13/11/15) saw prices return to the best they had been in 40 years.

Angus heifers topped the heifer market to make $1,140. The 14-15 month old heifers were offered by I McGunness, Seaspray VIC.

Angus and Angus cross cows and calves, re-joined with an Angus bull were knocked down for $1,720 to make top price for cows and calves. The cows were offered on behalf of the estate of Martin Stewart, Johnsonville VIC.

Other Bairnsdale results:
– 11 Angus steers, 401kg, S Baud, Mt Taylor VIC, made $1,280 (top price c/kg)
– Angus & Angus cross steers, 8 months, Corey Shaw, Hillside VIC
– Angus & Angus cross steers, 14 months, Chris Lee, Munro VIC, made $1,010
– Angus cows with calves at foot, Wright Pastoral Company, Toongabbie VIC & G & J Henderson Calulu

  VIC, made $1,700

Leongatha (VIC 12/11/15) saw Angus steers tops the steer market at 41,700. A pen of 500-645kg steers on account of PR Fleming Traralgon East, VIC, sold to $1,700 to average $1,500.

Other Leongatha results:
– 8 Angus bullocks, DJ & DA Altson, Fish Creek VIC, made $1,630
– 28 Angus steers, 350kg, Katelea Pastoral, Toora VIC, sold to $1225, average $1,092
– 11 Angus heifers, 14-16mo, 375kg, Barry Dakin, Glen Forbes VIC, sold to $1,135, to average $1,125

Lightweight Angus steers cracked 452c/kg at the Carcoar store cattle sale (CTLX NSW 13/11/15).

A consignment of 70 Angus steers, offered by Steve and Libby Woodham, Orange NSW, June/July 2015 drop, weighing between 200-240kg made $1,000, $920 and $900 per head to equate to 420c/kg, 425c/kg and 452c/kg.

Other Carcoar results:
– 17 Angus steers, 11 months, Brian & Pauline Roffe, Woodstock NSW, made $1,140

Goulburn’s special store cattle sale (NSW 12/11/15) was on trend with sales over the past couple of months, with Angus cattle making the top prices.

Maray Holdings, Binda NSW offered a pen of 21 Angus steers, 12 months old that topped the steer market at $1,150, with another 8 Angus steers making the same price.

Maray Holdings also achieved top price for heifers, with their 13 Angus heifers, 12 months old making $1,075.

This same sale was previously reported on with a top price for cows and calves of $2,600 being paid for 19 Angus cows and calves, offered by Campbell & Co, Taralga NSW.

Cambell and Co. sold another 81 Angus units to $2,350.

Yea (VIC 13/11/15):
– 94 Angus steers weaners, BM & MM Griffiths, Homewood VIC, made to $1,265 to average $1,225
– 90 Angus heifers BM & MM Griffiths, Homewood VIC, made $990
– 120 PTIC Angus cows due to calve February/March 2016, made $1,700

Other results from around Australia:

Roma (QLD 17/115):
– Angus cross steers, 446kg, D & C McInnerney, Combargo QLD, made 331c/kg or $1,478

Boyanup (WA 10/11/15):
– 17 Angus steers, 321kg, C & NC Staniforth-Smith, made 338c/kg or $1,087
– 14 Angus steers, 310kg, JS Stowe, made 336c/kg or $1,042
– 13 Angus steers, 337kg, JS Stowe, made 330c/kg or $1,113
– 17 Angus steers, 357kg, C & NC Staniforth-Smith, made 328c/kg or $1,174
– 18 Angus cross steers, 434kg, P & R Rosenthal, made 310c/kg or $1,348
– 10 Angus heifers , 283kg, C & NC Staniforth-Smith, made 290c/kg or $822

Mt Barker (WA 05/11/15):
– 16 Angus weaner steers, 309kg, JTM & KL Caley, made 335c/kg or $1,035
– 16 Angus weaner steers, 310kg, Norncreek Pastoral, made 332c/kg or $1,029
– 14 Angus weaner steers, 322kg, DK Smart & MA Male, made 327c/kg or $1,053
– 12 Angus steer vealers, 349kg, N & S Schleicher, made 325c/kg or $1,134
– 18 Angus steer vealers, 399kg, Levens Cattle Co, made 317c/kg or $1,265
– 9 Angus weaner steers, 359kg, Dundeal holdings, made 316c/kg or $1,134
– 11 Angus weaner steers, 378kg, Franklands Farm, made 314c/kg or $1,187
– 11 Angus cross steer vealers, 399kg, TC Kiddie & Co, made 308c/kg or $1,228
– 16 Angus heifer vealers, 291kg, BD & SJ Smith, made 307c/kg or $894
– 11 Angus heifers, 328kg, N & S Schleicher, made 239c/kg or $961

Pictured above: The pen of 19 Angus cows with calves sold by Michael and Denise Burke, “Bonnie Doon”, Conargo for $2250.