Saleyard success for Angus & Angus cross

January 6, 2016 10:51 am

The premiums being achieved for Angus and Angus cross cattle in the saleyards have continued over recent weeks, with record prices being achieved.

Angus steers cracked the 400c/kg mark and Angus heifers made to 377c/kg at the red hot Wodonga special store cattle sale (VIC 11/11/15) to top the market.

The Shelling Family sold 250kg Angus steers for 404c/kg or $1,010. They also offered a pen of 292kg Angus steers 375c/kg or $1,085.

A pen of Angus heifers, 231kg were knocked down for 377c/kg or $870.

Angus cows and calves also topped the market ,reaching a top of $1,610 for 9 Angus second calvers, offered by Baxter Brothers.

Other Wodonga results:

– 67 Angus weaners, 238-316kg, Nillahcootie Park, Mansfield VIC, made $880-$1,160 to return 367-396c/kg

– 59 unweaned Angus and Angus cross steers (3 pens), 313-347kg, 8-9 months old, Macauley Family, Huon

  VIC, made $1,200 to return 346-383c/kg

– 21 unjoined Angus heifers, 320kg, Macauley Family, Huon VIC, made $1,020

– 12 Angus steers, 406kg, Trevor & Lesley Lashbrook, Granya VIC, made $1,320

The special cattle sale held at Goulburn (NSW 12/11/15) certainly benefited from the recent rainfall with $2,600 being paid for Angus cows and calves, offered by Campbell & Co, Taralga NSW.

The annual Black Friday Euroa Breeders (VIC04/11/15) sale was brought forward to cater for producers struggling with dry conditions, a decision that certainly did not affect the outcome of the sale with demand for good quality cattle going through the roof.

The sale included the dispersal of the Chatsworth Park herd, Nagambie VIC. 41 Angus cow and Angus cross cows with calves at foot made from $1,700 – $1825, 44 joined females sold for $1,200- $1,390 and their unjoined Angus heifers topped the sale when they were knocked down for $1,250.

Hanson Angus, Yea and Euroa VIC, sold 152 Angus steer weaners, 6-8 months from $870-$1,170 (330c-396c/kg) to average $1,090.

Other Euroa results:

– 64 Angus steers, 7-9 months, Beavis Farm, Violet Town VIC, made to $1,090, average $1,050
– 42 Angus heifers, Flowerdale, Euroa VIC, made $875-$970

Other results around Australia:

Warwick (QLD 10/11/15):
– Angus cross Santa feeder steers, G & B Lewis, Clifton QLD, made 348.2c/kg or $1,123

Roma (QLD 10/11/15):
– 136kg Angus cross heifers, Hutchins Property Trust, Surat QLD, made 332c/kg or $453
– Angus cross cows with calves at foot, topped the cow and calf market at $1,520

Braidwood (NSW 06/11/15):
– Angus cows topped the sale to make $1,920

Tamaworth (NSW 06/11/15):
– Angus steers, Dick and Pam D’Hudson, made $1,210 to top the sale.

Dubbo (NSW 06/11/15):
– 12 Angus steers, Eric Sharwood, Dubbo NSW, made $1,060 to top the sale.

Pictured above: Graeme and Dawn McCauley, “Tiviot Vale”, Huon with their granddaughter Jessica Ward, selling Angus weaner steers for $1200 image courtesy of Stephen Burns Stock & Land.