Stellar results at auction for Angus cattle

December 14, 2015 3:16 pm

Angus cattle have continued their stellar run of performances at auction, with Angus steers and Angus breeding females topping all categories and Angus heifers topping two categories in the AuctionsPlus Friday Eastern States Sale on Friday the 2nd of October.

Reaching the top price for steers under 250kg and the overall top price of 395c/kg were an offering of 90 weaned Angus steers on account of Doughboy Pastoral Co, Wongwibinda NSW. The 249kg steers were 11-12 months old and reached a price per head of $985.

The steers were described by Landmark assessor, Miles Archdale as, ‘a very good line of hard to find vendor bred Angus steers. They would be ideal to background for the high quality Angus feeder market or fatten for the trade’.

73 backgrounder Angus steers, 10 to 15 months, offered by PJ & JT Hoey, Inglewood QLD, topped the 250-300kg market making 352c/kg or $1,045 for the 296kg steers.

The 300-350kg steer market reached a top of 329c/kg, with 38 backgrounder Angus steers on account of SW & RL Parsons, Mansfield VIC reaching the top price at the close of auction. The 12 to 13 month old, 328kg steers made $1,080 per head.

43 yearling Angus steers also topped the market for steers over 350kg, making 334c/kg or $1,220. Offered by Capel Pastoral Co, Coolah NSW, the 365kg steers were described by PT Lord, Dakin & Associates Pty Ltd assessor Joe Portelli as ‘a very good line of EU Angus steers’.

In the heifer offering, 17 unweaned Angus heifers, 4 to 8 months of age topped the overall market and the under 250kg category by making 373c/kg or $515. The 138kg heifers were offered on account of High Valley Pastoral, Narrabri NSW.

The 250-300kg category was topped by 67 backgrounder Angus heifers making 325c/kg or $910. The 279kg heifers, 10 to 15 months old were offered on account of PJ & JT Hoey, Inglewood QLD.

Cows and calves again made over $2,000, with 50 first calver Angus cows with Angus calves at foot reaching the top price of $2,170.

Offered by Charlton Brothers, Ballimore NSW, the 24 to 26 month old cows were described by assessor Ben Hooper as ‘an outstanding line of well bred and well known 1st calvers. Cows are milking very well with tidy udders and show the quality and functionality of true performance cattle’.

Other AuctionsPlus cow and calf prices:
– 54 Angus cows & calves, 24 to 26 months, on account of Todd Ireland, Niangala NSW made $2,010 per head
– 13 Angus cows & calves, 4 to 9 years, on account of Avalon Park, Larras Lee NSW, made $2,000 per head
– 32 PTIC Angus cows & calves, 48 to 72 months, on account of Ulladulla Pastoral Company, Holbrook NSW, made $2,000

The top price for PTIC cows was made by 44 Angus cows on account of PCP Partnership, Scone NSW. The 30 to 120 month old cows made $1,300.

While $1,360 was the top price for PTIC heifers. This price was reached by 17 Angus heifers, 21 to 23 months old and offered by Frank Bell, Armidale NSW.

A pleasing result for the Angus world, is the consistency of prices being received around Australia, not only on AuctionsPlus, but also in the saleyards where Angus cattle are reaching the high end of the market.

Angus steers cracked the $4/kg barrier at Narracoorte SA monthly store cattle sale 24/09/15.

A draft of 110 Angus steers offered by Ken Sawers, Coonalpyn SA weighing between 175kg and 250kg topped at $925 and averaged $842. This equated to $3.70-$4.11/kg.

Mr Sawers also offered 88 Angus heifers which made up to $3.95/kg for a pen weighing 204kg.

The top price per head for steers was claimed by Black Range Partners Keith SA, with 13, 460kg Angus steers making $1,545 for the 15 month old pen.

Black Range partners also claimed top price per head for heifers, with two pens of Angus heifers 424kg-425kg topping the sale at $1,270.

Angus cows and calves continued pushing above the $2,000 mark at the Forbes Store Cattle Sale 25/09/15, when a pen of 6 cows with calves at foot topped the market at $2,075. The yarding was offered on account of Brian & Julie Evans, Molong NSW.

Scott Worthington, Condobolin NSW sold seven first calver Angus Hereford cross cows with Angus calves at foot for $2,100.

The steer and heifer markets remained strong. 13 Angus steers, 12-13 months old, offered by Terrance Worthington, Condobolin NSW topped the steer market at $1,160, while Maurice Winter, West Wyalong NSW made $1,010 for his 16 Angus heifers, 14 months old.

The Warrnambool Store Cattle Sale 25/09/15 saw Angus cattle top the steer and heifer market.

328kg Angus steers offered by Rosverland Farms topped the sale, making 350c/kg or $1,148.

Also offered by Rosverland Farms were the market topping Angus heifers, with their 331kg heifers being knocked down for 334c/kg or $1,105.50.

Other Warnambool results:
– 364kg Angus heifers offered by Murraba were sold for 332c/kg or $1,208.
– 22 460kg Angus steers offered by Bullaharree Park sold for 346c/kg or $1,590
– 17 448kg Angus steers offered by Bullaharree Park sold for 342c/kg or $1,530

Other results around Australia:

Strathalbyn feature cattle sale SA 01/10/15:
– 13 Feb/April drop Angus steers, offered by Ardom, Waitpinga SA, made $3.70kg or $1,000 for the 270kg steers
– 10 Angus steers , offered by Ardom, Waitpinga SA, made $3.56/kg or $860 for the 241kg steers
– 9 Angus steers , offered by West Creek Partners, Langhorne Creek, SA ,ade $3.47/kg or $1,030 for the 296kg steers

Tamworth Regional Livestock Exchange Special Store Cattle Sale, NSW 25/09/15:
– Angus steers offered by Owen Bell, Attunga NSW topped the market at $1,000
– Angus cross heifers topped the market at $940

Toogoolowah, QLD 25/09/15:
– Peter & Brenda McGreevy, Anduramba QLD sold 24 month old Angus steers for $1,175 & $1,075
– Selwyn Stark sold 20-22 month old Angus cross heifers for $1,100
– Gillingham Partnership sold 20 month old Angus cross heifers for $1,100 and 18 month old Angus cross heifers for $905.

Bega Store Cattle Sale, NSW 24/09/15:
– Angus steers topped the weaner market with 10 steers on account of G. Whiffen, Tilba Tilba NSW making $860
– Angus heifers topped the heifer market with 10 month old heifers on account of R. Darke, Bega NSW making $900
– Angus cows and calves topped the market, with David Armstrong Bega NSW, making $1,580.

Wodonga, VIC 24/09/15:
– W and J Lucas Wooragee VIC sold 31 Angus stters from $1,430-$1,630 (market top)
– C.E & R. Barton, Chiltern VIC sold 23 Angus steers, 20-22 months for $1,555

Roma Prime Cattle Sale, QLD 24/09/15:
– Bindango, Roma QLD sold 645kg Angus heifers to 290c/kg or $1,873.