About Angus Brand Verification

Angus Australia’s brand verification program was developed as a service to the beef supply chain in response to the demand from consumers wanting to have greater confidence in the integrity of Angus beef brands.

Angus Australia is the only independent third-party verifier of Angus breed claims on beef products.

This program is underpinned by ISO 9001: 2008 certification (FS555947) and uses critical control points through the lot feeding and processing sectors to verify Angus breed claims on beef products.  The brand verification procedures meet Aus-Meat Ltd.’s requirements for approved programs in both domestic and export processing systems.


  • The processing plant’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) references the Angus brand verification audit procedures
  • Documentation ensure Angus identification and segregation are compliant throughout the supply chain
  • Phenotypic assessments are undertaken for all animals
  • Cattle processed are observed for compliance to Angus brand verification from live animals to carton beef
  • Random DNA sampling of carcasses at every audit

Angus brand verification delivers

  • Reduced risk of imitation of Angus beef product
  • Validity and a marketing advantage to Angus branded beef products in the domestic and export beef markets
  • Provides independent third-party assurance that if the product is purchased as Angus, it meets industry and Angus brand verification standards
  • This assurance is backed by a Verification Statement
  • Satisfaction of customer requirements for independent third-party verification, particularly those in Asia, UAE and Europe
  • Increased demand for Angus branded beef products above other brands in the same market space that do not utilise Angus brand verification
  • Industry recognition of a standard for Angus breed claims provides increased value and marketing advantage compared to brands that are not verified

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