About Angus Brand Verification

Angus Australia’s Angus Brand Verification program provides validity to ‘Angus’ claims for those beef brands included in this program.

These brands owners work closely with Angus Australia, as the representative of all Australian Angus farmers, to ensure integrity and truth in labelling and confidence for the consumers that their brand is verifiably ‘Angus’.

Involvement in the Angus Brand Verification demonstrates a commitment by these brand owners to the protection and enhancement of the ‘Angus’ breed.

Angus Australia is the only independent verifier of ‘Angus’ breed claims for beef products.

This program is underpinned by ISO 9001:2015 certification (FS634949) and uses critical control points throughout the supply chain to verify Angus breed claims of branded beef products.

The Angus Brand Verification program meets Aus-Meat Ltd.’s requirements for approved programs in both domestic and export processing systems.

  • The processors Standard Operating Procedures ensures all requirements of the Angus Brand Verification program
  • Documentation ensures ‘Angus’ identification and segregation throughout the supply chain
  • Angus Australia’s phenotypic standards are met by all ‘Angus’ eligible cattle
  • Random DNA sampling of ‘Angus’ eligible carcasses at each audit
Angus Brand Verification delivers
  • Reduced risk of imposter ‘Angus’ branded beef
  • Validity of ‘Angus’ brand claims through independent verification for beef in domestic and export markets
  • Assurance through the provision of a Verification Statement that the ‘Angus’ branded product meets industry and Angus Brand Verification standards
  • Satisfaction of customer requirements for independent verification, particularly those identified in Asia, UAE and Europe
  • Increased demand for Angus branded beef products over non-verified ‘Angus’ brands
  • Industry and consumer recognition of ‘Angus’ breed claims resulting in premium placement in the market
  • Significant marketing advantage over non-verified ‘Angus’ brands