Take charge, tell the story and use your own narrative – Adam Arndell, C7Even

July 10, 2019 2:36 pm

For Adam Arndell public relations or PR is about deliberately managing the spread of information between your business and the public. However he did note that when relying on others to tell your story, you are not always in control.  

A topic that is at the forefront of the agricultural world, as farmers increasingly find themselves in a position of defence.

‘In the agriculture space its more about damage control, unfortunately we are constantly in damage control in the agricultural industry from a PR perspective.’ 

However according to Adam, it’s not all doom and gloom as he highlighted that we are in control and have the opportunity to, ‘Flip that and start telling the positive stories.’ 

‘As farmers, we need to build our own PR, we need thought leadership – share insights and ideas, a unique point of view, that provokes new ways of thinking, spark discussions and debates and inspire actions.’  

For Angus breeders thought leadership  can be broken into three areas, industry thought leadership where you give commentary around changing breed traits, consumer consumption, market access and social license; product thought leadership where you talk about your genetic traits, farm systems, meat quality and animal health and well being and organisation thought leadership, touching in your history, results, awards and vision.