The Noel Williams Perpetual Trophy awarded to Kinross-Wolaroi School

July 28, 2021 1:41 pm

The Noel Williams Perpetual Trophy and prize money is awarded each year by Angus NSW to the school with the highest scoring Angus school steer in the Sydney Royal Easter Show school steer competition. 

At a recent presentation, Angus NSW awarded the Noel Williams Shield to Kinross-Wolaroi School. 

“Donatello”, the Angus steer bred by Mr Robert Bowman, South Bowan Park Angus Stud, Cargo and exhibited by Kinross-Wolaroi School, weighed 454 kilos liveweight and achieved a score of 88.5 points. 

The steer was 1st in its’ middleweight class on both the hoof and  carcase, received a Bronze Medal for overall carcase points and was 1st in the virtual taste test class. 

In taking out the Noel Williams Shield, the school was also presented prize money of $600 by Mark Lucas of Reiland Angus Stud, Gundagai and Tumut, NSW, who are the sponsors of award. 

In his address at the school assembly presentation, Mr Lucas said that the RAS school steer carcase competition was unique in that it is the only carcase competition of its type in the world and spoke of the importance of encouraging the youth of Australia to make agriculture their career. 

Prize money of $200.00 was also donated by Angus NSW for being one of the highest scoring Angus steers in the steer and carcase competition. 

About the Award: 

The school steer section of the competition began 39 years ago and was first presented in 1994. 

The shield is named after Mr Noel Williams, who was one of the persons who started the competition. 

The shield has travelled to many parts of New South Wales and was once presented to a Queensland school. 

Past winners have been Abbotsleigh, Barker College, Chevalier College, Downlands College (Toowoomba), Dubbo High School, Frensham, Hunter Valley Grammar, Karabar High School, The Kings School, Knox Grammar, The Scots School, Xavier College, Coonamble High School, Mudgee High School and Scone Grammar. 


Feature Image:

Mr Robert Bowman (breeder of Donatello), Mr Richard Buck (Angus NSW), Mr Mark Lucas (Reiland Angus Stud), Rev. Dr Rosalie Clarke (Chaplain), Dr Andrew Parry (Principal), Mrs Mel Meek (Ag. Teacher), Mr Tylor Meek, Mrs Wendy Bowman, M/s Jody Haydon (Ag. Teacher)