Thomas Foods International Supports Angus Youth

September 6, 2017 2:20 pm

The progressive and innovative meat processing company, Thomas Foods International has partnered with Angus Youth Australia to be the naming rights sponsor of the 2018 Angus Youth National Roundup.

Established in 1988, Thomas Foods International is now one of Australia’s largest family owned food processing companies – exporting to over 80 countries around the world, around the clock.

Darren Thomas, Thomas Foods International CEO has highlighted the need to support the emerging leaders of the beef industry as a crucial reason for their involvement and in particular, to encourage the education, development and networking opportunities for the youth of the beef industry.

‘And we certainly want to promote Thomas Foods International among the youth of the industry. As a company, we place a lot of importance on innovation and expansion, however are well aware that this is not possible without fostering the development of the young leaders in the industry. This will ensure the longevity of not only our work force, but that of the industry as a whole,’ he said.

The Thomas Foods International Angus Youth National Roundup will take place in Wodonga, Victoria, from the 11th – 14th of January 2018.

Coordinators Murk and Kate Schoen are very excited to have Thomas Foods International on board.

‘The Thomas Foods International Angus Youth National Roundup is the largest single breed event of its kind in Australia. To receive this kind of support from such an iconic company in the beef industry re-enforces the fact that the Roundup and the Angus Youth program as a whole is extremely important in the development of young people in the beef industry’, Ms Schoen said.

Angus Australia, Youth Development and Education Officer, Haylee Herriot confirms Ms Schoens’ statement by adding that it is great to see the recognition given to the Angus Youth program by such a progressive company as Thomas Foods International.

‘Thomas Foods International’s involvement highlights the importance of all sectors of the beef industry supporting the development of youth in agriculture’, said Ms Herriot.

The 2018 Thomas Foods International Angus Youth National Roundup in Wodonga will be the 37th year that the event has been held.

In 2017 over 120 participants were involved in the educational opportunities and competitions on offer when the Roundup was held, for the first time in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

For more information on the Thomas Foods International Angus Youth National Roundup, please contact the Roundup Coordinator Murk Schoen 0427 558 023 or or Angus Youth Development and Education Officer,