Updated “Completeness of Performance” Reports Available

July 10, 2019 11:18 am

Angus Australia members are being urged to review the latest “Completeness of Performance” report for their herd. The reports were updated for all members enrolled in Angus BREEDPLAN as part of the July 2019 Angus BREEDPLAN analysis.

Angus Australia’s Breed Development & Extension Manager, Andrew Byrne explained the Completeness of Performance reports provide a summary of the performance information that each member has submitted to Angus Australia for inclusion in Angus BREEDPLAN.  A range of statistics are provided within the reports including details of the pedigree, weight, carcase, birth and fertility information that has been recorded in recent years.

Andrew said that the “Completeness of Performance” reports allow members of Angus Australia to carefully review how “complete” the performance information is for their animals and importantly to identify areas in which additional performance information could potentially be recorded.

“Recording information in these areas will improve the accuracy of the EBVs being calculated for their animals”.

Angus Australia members enrolled in Angus BREEDPLAN can access a copy of their “Completeness of Performance” report through the Members Area on the Angus Australia website.

Further assistance regarding the interpretation of the “Completeness of Performance” reports is available by contacting staff at Angus Australia.

Additionally, comprehensive information regarding the collection guidelines for each performance trait is available from a new module in the Angus Education Centre (click here).