WA commercial sales price boom

January 6, 2016 3:53 pm

Western Australia has seen a flurry of activity on the cattle market in recent weeks, as weaner sales kick off and regular store cattle sales continue.

Angus steers and Angus cross PTIC cows hit the market tops at the Landmark Boyanup store cattle sale (WA 8/12/15).

11 Angus steers on account of G Legge, Vasse WA reached the top price for beef steers, when they were knocked down for $1,305 or 300c/kg.

The same vendor also received top price for PTIC cows, with 5 Angus cross cows reaching $1.900.

Other Boyanup results:
– 13 Angus cross steers, 283kg, McMorran Brothers, made 334c/kg or $945
– 9 Angus cross steers, 292kg, G Tassos & Co, made 310c/kg or $1,055.29
– 12 Angus cross steers, 340kg, McMorran Brothers, made 334c/kg or $945

The Elders Boyanup weaner sale (WA 2/12/15) saw Angus steers top the sale for cents per kilogram.

Callanish Grazing Donnybrook offered 12 Angus steers, part of a larger yarding, that made 352c/kg or $1,037.

Other Elders Boyanup weaner sale results:
–  11 Angus steers, 256kg, WA College of Agriculture, Narrogin WA, made 348c/kg or $892
–  12 Anus steers, 334kg, I & B Trigwell, Donnybrook WA, made 340c/kg or $1,138
–  13 Angus steers,  P & J Middleton, Donnybrook WA, made 330c/kg or $1,060
–  10 Angus steers, 392kg, G & K Cain, Margaret River WA, made 324c/kg or $1,272
–  10 Angus steers, 372kg, G & K Cain, Margaret River WA, made 322c/kg or $1,198

The first Landmark Boyanup weaner sale (WA 26/11/15) provided Angus producers with a perfect market outlet, which saw purebred Angus cattle make their mark.

Angus steers topped the sale for cents per kilogram, when a pen of 13 Angus steers, weighing 265kg, made 368c/kg. Offered by Lilyvale Grazing, Pinjarra WA, the steers made $978 per head.

Another two pens of Lilyvale steers made 358c/kg or $974.

On a price per head basis Angus steers came out on top to make $1,266. The pen of Angus weaners offered by South West Pastoral, Pinjarra WA, were part of a larger offering by the vendor. The 408kg steers made 310c/kg.

Another 10 weighing 393kg made $1,215 or 318c/kg, while another 2 pens made $1,180 and $1,176 or 318c/kg.

The final pen of 10, weighing 367kg made $1,176 or 320c/kg.

The heifer market reached a top of 302c/kg for 10 Angus heifers, offered by Doug Payne, Capel WA. The 320kg heifers made $967 per head.

Other Landmark Boyanup weaner sale results:
–  Angus steers, WA College of Agriculture, Harvey WA, made 366c/kg
–  14 Angus steers, 268kg, WA College of Agriculture, Harvey WA, made 364c/kg
–  Angus steers, 272kg, WA College of Agriculture, Harvey WA, made 362c/kg or $1,001
–  14 Angus weaner steers, 217kg, MI & DM Twentyman, made 350c/kg or $759
–  Angus steers, Burradale, made $346c/kg or $1,063
–  Angus steers, 294kg, Lilyvale grazing, Pinjarra WA, made 340c/kg or $1,012
–  Angus steers, 297kg, Lilyvale grazing, Pinjarra WA, made 340c/kg or $1,024
–  11 Angus steers, 330kg, Burradale, made 334c/kg or $1,101
–  21 Angus weaner steers, 326kg, Gatti Bros, made 333c/kg or $1,085
–  Angus steers, 337kg, Lilyvale grazing, Pinjarra WA, made 332c/kg or $1,120
–  Angus steers, 352kg, Lilyvale grazing, Pinjarra WA, made 324c/kg or $1,141

Landmark Boyanup held a second weaner sale (4/12/15), with prices for Angus cattle no less impressive.

12 outstanding Angus heifers topped the sale on both cents per kilogram and price per head, when the 382kg heifers, offered by RH Omodei & Sons, Pemberton WA, were knocked down for 360c/kg or $1,375.

3 other pens of heifers from the same vendor sold for $1,365, $1,337 and $1,352 and between 332c/kg and 346c/kg and a fifth pen of 371kg heifers made 356c/kg.

The Omodei Family also topped the steer section with a pen of 12 Angus steers, 406kg, making $1,222 or 302c/kg.

Other Boyanup weaner sale results:
– 14 Angus heifers, 342kg, Karin Saalik, Nannup WA, made 316c/kg or $1,081

Other results around WA:

Muchea (WA 7/12/15):
– 16 Angus steers, 288kg, Timaru Pastoral Co, Muchea WA, made 319c/kg or $919

Great Southern – Mt Barker (WA 3/12/15):
– 15 Angus weaner steers, 304kg, LT Toovey & Sons, made 353c/kg or $1,073
– 20 Angus weaner steers, 328kg, Koonje Farms, made 328c/kg or $1,075
– 15 Angus weaner steers, 383kg, Martin & Flavel, made 321c/kg or $1,2229

Mt Barker weaner sale (WA 3/12/15):
– 14 Angus weaner steers, 303kg, Gatt Bros., made 340c/kg or $1,030
– 20 Angus weaner steers, 376kg, Gatti Bros., made 319c/kg or $1,199
– 17 Angus weaner steers, 385kg, Gatti Sawmill, made 318c/kg or $1,224

Boyanup (WA 1/12/15):
– 11 Angus steers, 240kg, Mogale Pty Ltd, made 348c/kg or $935.20
– 11 Angus steers, 280kg, Mogale Pty Ltd, made 340c/kg or $952

Great Southern – Mt Barker (WA 27/11/15):
– 33 Angus weaner steers, 295kg, DR & DL Packard, made 350c/kg or $1,032
– 24 Angus weaner steers, 294kg, LT Toovey & Sons, made 350c/kg or $1,029
– 15 Angus cross weaner steers, 269kg, E & DE Smith, made 321c/kg
– 19 Angus cross weaner steers, 360kg, G Hicks & L Wilson, made 311c/kg or $1,119
– 9 Angus cross weaner steers, 312kg, M Swainston & Co, made 311c/kg or $770