We were put on this planet to eat beef!

July 31, 2019 9:11 am

For Adrian Richardson he loves the simple stuff and that is where meat comes in, you don’t need to do much to ‘fluff it up and make it fancy’. 

Adrian’s love of meat drove him down the path of a passion for beef and very early on he ensured that he sourced the best quality beef he could buy and utilised dry ageing as a further enhancer. 

At any one time, Adrian, has up to 2,500kg of beef hanging and ageing at any one time. 

‘People want quality, the punters want something different and special and they are prepared to pay.’ 

And according to chef Adrian Richardson, beef and Angus go hand in hand, ‘It is a very well recognised brand, with great recognition in the marketplace.’ 

“Angus is generally what people are buying, it has a really good name and it is generally the breed people talk about when they mention beef, beef and angus go really well together’. 

‘Genetics and clever management mean that Angus beef can marble.’  

Adrian also highlighted how important it is for producers to be telling their story, a theme that seemed to keep popping up across the conference. 

‘Media is a great way to influence the way people eat and these days, punters ask a lot more questions in restaurants, so it is good to tell your story when selling a product,’ said Adrian. 

‘The media has a big role in changing how we eat, the punters are becoming more and more educated and they want to know the story of where the beef came from, they want to make an informed decision’. 

And according to Adrian, at the end of the day, they are looking for are good flavour, tenderness and juiciness. 

In summing his presentation up, Adrian wants Angus breeders to remember, ‘Quality and consistency of quality is the most important thing in beef production.’