Weaner sales kick off with a bang

January 8, 2016 1:40 pm

The southern weaner sales kicked off on January 4th, with record prices achieved as the first of the sales realising up to 100c/kg or $400 a head more than the 2015 prices, which were considered records of their own at the time. Angus cattle continued their dominance of the weaner sales achieving the top prices across the board.

At the Hamilton Independent agents sale (04/01/15), Angus steers sold to a top of 353c/kg or $1,330, to average 330c/kg or $1,137.

In 2015, the same sale saw steers make 210-225c/kg or a top of $914.

The top price of 353c/kg was knocked down on two occasions for 49 Angus steers  from Mt Napier, which weighed 296kg, and 19 Angus steers from Roo Park, Telangatuk VIC,  at 298kg, making $1,051 per head.

Other Hamilton results:
–  Angus steers, Roo Park, Telangatuk VIC, made 342c/kg or $1,087
–  92 Angus steers, 338kg, Athlone, Penshurst VIC, made 337c/kg or $1,139
–  72 EU accredited Angus steers, 370kg, M & J Coffey, Port Fairy VIC, made 334c/kg or $1,235
–  20 EU accredited Angus steers, 403kg, M & J Coffey, Port Fairy VIC, made 330c/kg or $1,330
–  36 Angus steers, 378kg, Henry Cameron, Penshurst VIC, made 316c/kg or $1,194

The Casterton Landmark All breeds sale (05/01/15) saw Angus steers again realise the top cents per kilogram price with 56 Angus steers, 276kg, making 354c/kg. Offered on account of Rob Cameron,
Coleraine VIC, the steers made $977 per head.

Other Casterton results:
–  26 Angus steers, 323kg, Mullagh, made 342c/kg or $1,104
–  48 Angus steers, 320kg, Kelvin Bateman, Dunrobin VIC, made 342c/kg or $1094
–  37 Angus steers, 335kg, Rob Cameron, Coleraine VIC, made 338c/kg or $1,132
–  56 Angus steers, 369kg, Forest view, Sandford VIC, made 336c/kg or $1,239
–  57 Angus steers, 360kg, Kelvin Bateman, Dunrobin VIC, made 331c/kg or $1,191
–  41 Angus steers, 371kg, Mullagh, made 330c/kg or $1,224
–  17 Angus steers, 374kg Meteranvale, made 325c/kg or $1,215

The Elders and Landmark Angus steer weaner sale at Hamilton (05/01/15) continued to shatter the 300 cents per kilogram mark, where the average price for the steers offered was an astounding 331c/kg, continuing the trend of the recent days with prices quoted around 100 cents a kilogram above 2015 rates.

The majority of the yarding sold at rates between 315 and 348c/kg, with the lighter types making between 335 and 349c/kg and the heavier end sold mainly between 319 and 334c/kg.

The sale top of 349c/kg was achieved by a line of 16 Angus steers, sold on account of Roanoke. The steers weighed an average of 263kg.

Hamilton results:
–  30 Angus steers, 309kg, Nananga, Grassdale VIC, made 343/kg or $1,060
–  Angus steers, K & J Wyatt, Wrights Swamp VIC, made 341c/kg or $1,139
–  61 Angus steers, 352kg, Nananga, Grassdale VIC, made 334c/kg or $1,176
–  Angus steers, 370kg, Bligh Pastoral Co, made 328c/kg or $1,214
–  90 Angus steers, 359kg, AC Archibald, Glenthompson VIC, made 325c/kg
–  25 Angus cross Hereford steers, 398kg, Mibus Brothers, Mount Richmond VIC, made 327c/kg or $1,301
–  36 Angus steers, 378kg, K & J Wyatt, Wrights Swamp VIC, made 322c/kg or $1,217
–  30 Angus steers, 411kg, Mibus Brothers, Mount Richmond VIC, made 322c/kg or $1,323
–  39 Angus steers, 390kg, Nananga, Grassdale VIC, made 320c/kg or $1,248

Pictured above: Day 1 of the southern weaner sales, kicked off with the Hamilton Independent agents Angus & black baldy weaner sale. Image courtesy of Fairfax Media.