Weaner sales role on

January 19, 2016 4:57 pm

The market may have softened slightly towards the end of the second week of the southern weaner sales, but demand remained strong and prices were still well up on 2015 levels and Angus and Angus influenced cattle continued their run of top prices across the board.

Angus heifers topped the heifer portion of the Rodwells and Landmark annual Upper Goulburn Rivers Classic annual weaner sale at Yea VIC (15/1/16).

A pen of 20 Angus heifers, from Pulitano Pastoral, were knocked down at $1,200. A second pen of 15 made $1,090.

Steers were still in hot demand, with a pen of 21 Angus steers, 380kg  offered by Les and Marg Bennett, Woodend VIC, Making  $1270 to return about 334c/kg. This price was more than $200 above their

top-priced pen last year. The Bennetts’ draft of 42 steers averaged $1,169, while 40 heifers averaged $992.

Other Yea quotes:
–    43 Angus steers, Inverugie Pastoral, Yea VIC, made $1,140
–    23 EU accredited Angus steers, Habbies Howe, made $1,160
–    58 Angus steers, Webb Pastoral, Glenburn VIC, made to a top of $1,160, average $1,104
–    88 Angus steers, Robert Gough, Mansfield VIC, made to $1,150, average $1,040

At Wangaratta on the 15th of January the yarding of yearling and weaner cattle reached $1410, paid for a pen of Angus year¬lings sold by Gayle Fisk, with the 447kg steers returning 315c/kg.

Ms Fisk’s Angus steers were only one of two steer sales breaking $1400, with the other a pen of 510kg steers making $1400 and ¬returning 275c/kg.

The heifer offering topped at $1260, paid for a pen of 21 angus, 12-14 months, 436kg, which returned 289c/kg.

Other Wangaratta quotes:
–    19 Angus steers, 263kg, made 359c/kg
–    27 Angus steers, 291kg, made 340c/kg or $996

The Warnambool all agents mixed sex weaner sales was also topped by Angus cattle with steers topping at 336c/kg.

Heifers were the order of the day, topping at 358c/kg or $1,002 for 24, 2080kg, The Rocky Angus heifers.

Other Warnambool quots:
–    7 Angus cross steers, 464kg, Seabrook, made 310c/kg or $1,438
–    15 Angus steers, 382kg, Rod Mills, Terang, made 307c/kg or $1,172
–    Mr Mills also sold 16 Angus steers, weighing 382kg for 307c/kg or $1172; 18, 349kg for 320c/kg or $1116; 18, 329kg, 326c/kg or $1072; 22, 315kg for 334c/kg or $1052 and 22, 304kg for 334c/kg or $1015
–    K Munro sold 14 Angus steers, 412kg for 321c/kg or $1322
–    FN Pye had 22 Angus steers, 392kg which sold for 310c/kg or $1215
–    Windy Hill sold 16 12-month-old Angus steers, weighing 425kg for 302c/kg or $1283
–    Grasslands had 22 Angus steers, weaned,, 382kg, which made 316c/kg or $1207
–    Arkoonah sold 17 Angus steers, 364kg for 333c/kg or $1212  and a further 17 Angus steers weighing 341kg for a bid of 322c/kg or $1098
–    Briar Park had 24 Angus steers, 320kg which made 336c/kg or $1075.
–    The Rocky a sold 14, 332kg Angus, for 323c/kg or $1072
–    Inglewood Angus sold 24 heifers, 285kg, CAAB accredited, April-May drop and weaned, for 346c/kg or $986
–    Ferndale had 26 Angus, 280kg, that attracted a bid of 345c/kg or $966
–    Briar Park’s 26 Angus heifers, 309kg, weaned, made 321c/kg or $991
–    Carnham Livestock’s 17 weaned Angus 295kg made 324c/kg or $955

The Wodonga Independent agents mixed breed weaner sale on the 14th of January saw 3,953 head offered for sale. Yearling steers encompassed a range of breeds, weight and condition, which saw a range in price between $1050 and $1600.

The top price of $1,600 was made by 22 Angus steers, 0-2 teeth on account of CM & J Merkel, Talgarno. The steers made from $1440-$1600, or 316-318 c/kg live weight.

The same vendor also  sold 25 Angus heifers for $1200 with most yearling making $850-$1140.

Elders and Landmark held their Hamilton all breeds heifer sale on January 14th, where the average was 306c/kg.

Kevin and Julie Wyatt, Mount Richmond, had 33 Angus heifers knocked down for the sales top price of 362c/kg, or $1289/head.

Other Hamilton quotes:
–    19 Angus heifers, Nevflo Caramut,  made 319c/kg
–    31 Angus heifers, Nevflo Caramut,  made 315c/kg
–    24 Angus heifers, Wondooma, made $1,026
–    46 Angus heifers, Nangana, made $1,053

Heifers were in hot demand at the Hamilton Independent agents British bred heifer sale (VIC 13/1/16), with prices peaking at $1,218 per head.

13 Angus heifers offered by Glenbrae were knocked down for the sale top. The 409kg heifers made 298c/kg.

Another notable sale came from Brett Linke, Mt Napier, who sold 167 Angus heifers, including a pen of 90 heifers, 300kg which sold to $978 or 326c/kg.

Angus heifers topped the Euroa all agents, mixed sex weaners all breeds sale (VIC 13/1/16), making $1,075.

Robert Love, Jumbuck Park, Violet Town, offered the top priced weaner heifers with a pen of 20 Angus heifers, 9-10 months. The seconds, a pen of 16, made $990.

Euroa (VIC 13/1/16):
–    8 Angus steers, 404kg, Andare Holdings, made $1,250
–    13 Angus steers, 8-10 months, 378kg, Sretlaw Park, Euroa, made $1,250
–    10 Angus steers, 373kg, C Joyce, made $1,235
–    24 Angus steers, 370kg, Plover Plains, made $1,235

Other Euroa :
–    8 Angus steers, 404kg, Andare Holdings, made $1,250
–    13 Angus steers, 8-10 months, 378kg, Sretlaw Park, Euroa, made $1,250
–    10 Angus steers, 373kg, C Joyce, made $1,235
–    24 Angus steers, 370kg, Plover Plains, made $1,235

The Naracoorte weaner sale ( SA 7/1/16) saw Angus and Angus cross cattle top both the steer and heifer markets in the sale.

The top price for steers, $1,475 was achieved by Ag Go Oreganics, Lucindale SA, who offered their entire February/March  drop of 211 EU accredited Angus and Angus cross steers, 381-453kg to average $1,327.

The top draft of 453kg steers reached the sale high of $1,475 or 325c/kg.

Heifers hit a top of 316c/kg or $1,225, for a draft of 25 PCAS accredited, March/April drop Anhus heifers. The 388kg heifers were offered on account of Donald Brown.

A second draft of heifers 349kg,  from the same vendor,  made 308c/kg or $1,075

Other Naracoorte quotes:
–    346 Angus and Angus cross steers, March/April drop, 297-381kg, South Killanoola, averaged $1,112. Top price of $1,237 or 319c/kg for a pen of 23.
–    48 Angus cross steers, February/March, 303-406kg, TH & SC Rivett, averaged $1,171. Top price for 460kg, $1,234 or 304c/kg
–    20 PCAS accredited Angus heifers, 345kg, KP Pastoral made 311c/kg or $1,073
–    PCAS accredited Angus heifers, 345kg, KP Pastoral made 312c/kg or $1,004

Pictured above: 33 Angus heifers from Kevin and Julie Wyatt, Wright’s Swamp, Mount Richmond, topped the Hamilton all breeds heifer sale at to 362c/kg. Image courtesy of Stock & Land