What a week for Angus!

December 10, 2015 1:48 pm

The Angus breed has had an outstanding week across all facets of the supply chain.

We have seen a new Australian record for the top price bull at auction, when Millah Murrah Tex K35 was sold for $150,000.

The same sale saw a new record average for all breeds of $14,896 reached. Eclipsing the previous $11,412 all breeds record. A staggering 63% jump on the previous Angus breed record of $9,147, set at last year’s Millah Murrah sale. READ MORE

This result came off the back of a commercial market that is firing. Angus steers and heifers continue to top commercial sales, culminating in  130 Angus weaned steers from Walcha NSW, reaching the outstanding price of 431c/kg on AuctionsPlus. This equated to $960 per head for 223kg, 7-9 month old calves, recently weaned from their mothers. READ MORE

On the beef side of things Angus brands dominated the 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Branded Beef Awards with a swag of medals and awards.Overall Angus beef brands were awarded three gold medals, six silver medals, one bronze medal and the Champion Grain Fed Beef Exhibit. READ MORE