Who’s headed to the Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course in 2019?

August 21, 2019 4:19 pm

The prestigious Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course is celebrating its 40th year in 2019, with the Angus Foundation supplying scholarships for five Angus Youth members to attend. 

Taking place on September 30th – October 2nd 2019 and organised by the NSW Angus State Committee, the Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course is widely recognised as the most practical and hands on beef cattle selection course of its kind. 

Angus Australia has selected five young members of the beef industry for the 2019 Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course Scholarships, offered by the Angus Foundation.   

Who they are: 

Tom Loane hails from Jindalee, having grown up on beef cattle properties in rural New South Wales and Tasmania.  Over the course of his career he has worked on large cattle stations, research precincts, feedlots and corporate environments.   

In 2018 Mr Loane completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Animal Production), and currently works as a Compliance Officer at Hancock Agriculture in Brisbane office.   

Mr Loane looks forward to the learnings he will take away from the course to apply into his own breeding decisions.   

“I would like to attend the Beef Cattle Assessment Course primarily to learn how to make informed decisions in real time based off astute observations,” said Mr Loane. 

“Throughout my involvement in the beef industry, I have come to realise I have a particular interest in beef cattle production, particularly in breeding and genetics and intensive grazing.  This course would assist me in making better breeding choices and increase my ability to make informed decisions using both physical and genetic information.” 





Amber Alsford currently works in agriculture through her role as Agricultural Assistant at St Pauls College, Kempsey.  Through her role she assists in managing the 260-acre school farm, which produces a variety of products and runs a 20 head Devon Stud.   

Miss Alsford was a late comer into the agricultural industry, beginning her involvement studying agriculture in high school, which has spawned a career in the field since.  She completed a Bachelor of Agriculture from University of New England during which she continued working in the field through working in feed lotting before moving into education.  With her partner, Miss Alsford recently began her own Angus stud with an aim to focus on a sustainable system that producer a high-quality product with low cost and low impact. 

Miss Alsford wants to attend the Beef Cattle Assessment Course for both personal and career interests. 

“I hope to gain professional level of assessing cattle as my current knowledge is only based off personal experiences.  This includes a professional approach to judging cattle, an understanding of assessing cattle, judging for different markets including seedstock and commercial operations as well as the language used for assessment.” 

“Personally, the course would benefit my family business of turning over cattle, while also benefiting the expanding of my Angus stud.” 



Alkira Riley, Koonwarra, VIC currently works as a Trainee Stock Agent, and recently began her own Angus stud with 17 HBR cattle, utilising embryo transfer.   

Through her involvement in the course, Miss Riley hopes to learn as much as possible about breeding ‘the perfect beef animal genetically and phenotypically.   

“The area of the beef industry that interests me is breeding quality animals for the beef industry and seeing a correlation and flow on effect of quality from conception of the animal, all the way to what the consumer ends up with on their plate.  I want to be able to clearly and confidently see individual flaws and ideals in an animals’ conformation.” 






Skye Baxter, Cranebrook, NSW, has been involved in the beef cattle industry for a number of years, through her schooling.  Miss Baxter is about to commence a Certificate 3 in Agriculture through TAFE, whilst working on small cattle studs and a small chicken farm.   

Previously, Miss Baxter has gained cattle judging experience through junior judging at numerous youth and local shows, however looks forward to gaining further knowledge through the course.   

“I would love to attend the beef cattle assessment course to further my knowledge to not only benefit myself but to also bring knowledge back I have learnt to help the youth in the beef cattle industry in my local community,” said Miss Baxter. 

“One judging skill I would love to develop at the beef cattle assessment course would be gaining more terminology and insight into what the judges are looks for, as well as gaining more experience in the judging field.” 





Myles Wellman was brought up on a small farm in the Northern Rivers of NSW, and started his own Angus Stud, Terania Angus, in 2018.  Mr Wellman is currently completing Year 10 in St Johns College, Woodlawn, where he studies Agriculture.   

Despite his young age, Mr Wellman has immersed himself in the industry across the supply chain, through school steer competitions, junior judging competitions, youth shows as well as through part time work in a local butcher shop and as a casual farm hand, assisting its owner with their Angus stud and commercial Wagyu cross program.   

“The area of the beef industry that most interests me is breeding and genetics of beef cattle.  I believe it’s important for breeding stud cattle because they need to be commercially focussed and to be able to handle the conditions they are in.” 

“I wish to attend the Beef Cattle Assessment Course as I want to better my ability to assess beef cattle and gain different insights on how to assess them, which I believe will help me achieve my goal of one day judging at a show and also be able to have a deeper understanding when I sort through cattle whether it be for stud purposes or otherwise.”