Your ‘How to guide for registering Overseas animals’

November 8, 2017 12:12 pm


Throughout the year, the Member Services Team are often asked: “What is required to put an Overseas Animal on the Angus Australia database?”

There are 5 easy steps to registering any Overseas animal with the Society.

  1. Provide us with evidence that the animal is registered with the Breed Association in the country of origin, by either supplying a:
    – Copy of Breed Association’s registration certificate, or
    – Registration information provided by the other Breed Association’s website listing service
  2. Provide us with Signed Letter of Authorisation from the recorded overseas owner (or agent) giving permission for the animal to be recorded in the Angus Australia HBR, RAR or MBR, under your Herd ID
  3. Complete the Application for Registration of Overseas AI Sires.
  4. Provide us with a DNA sample (semen or hair) for DNA testing at a Society approved laboratory.
  5. Overseas Registration fee of $110.00 incl. GST per overseas sire.

*Please note that whilst Angus Australia may have received the Application for Registering Overseas AI Sires and the accompanying documents/DNA, the animal will not be fully registered on the Angus Australia database until DNA results have been returned to the Society. *


What about the sires and dams of imported embryos?

The process for the sire and the dam of the embryo calves is very much the same as registering overseas animals, but they will need a DNA parentage profile issued by the overseas registering authority. However, if the overseas animal(s) are Canadian bred and registered they will need a DNA sample (semen or hair) submitted to an Australian laboratory for a DNA profile before the embryo calves can be registered with Angus Australia.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the registration process of Overseas animals, please feel free to contact the Member Services team on 02 6773 4600 or