includes a range of software tools and technologies that have been developed by Angus Australia for the utilisation of Angus Australia members and their clients.

Select Tools - AngusDATABASE SEARCH

Angus Database Search

Angus Database Search enables Angus breeders to search Angus Australia’s comprehensive animal database.

Using the Angus Database Search facility, Angus breeders can access information for any individual animal recorded with Angus Australia, or once logged in, can search and sort the Angus Australia database for animals that meet selection criteria of interest.

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The Angus SELECT suite of selection tools assists Angus breeders to improve the profitability of Angus genetics within the beef supply chain by assisting with the identification of Angus genetics that are most aligned with their breeding goals and objectives.

Using the Angus SELECT suite of tools, breeders can search and sort the registered Angus animals currently available for sale, identify suitable semen for use within their breeding program, identify Angus Australia members in their area, identify bulls of interest from within the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program, and objectively select the replacement heifers that are carrying the most suitable genetics for use within the commercial beef enterprise.


Select Tools - AngusONLINE


Angus ONLINE enables Angus Australia members to interact directly with Angus Australia’s breed registry database.

Using Angus ONLINE, members can register their animals, record animal performance information, request DNA tests, create online sale catalogues, and modify their membership details, plus much more.