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Oct 23 2020
MARULAN, Australia
Oct 23 2020
Shannon Vale via Glen Innes, Australia
Oct 23 2020
Nov 18 2020
Holbrook , Australia
Jan 28 2021

Recent News

22 Oct 2020

Members who are yet to vote will receive a reminder email and/or text message inviting participation in... Read more

Improve Growth with EBVs
21 Oct 2020

EBVs enable breeders to increase the genetic merit of their herd through the selection of individuals with... Read more

20 Oct 2020

Andrew Sinnamon (AgForce Regional Manager) has kindly provided an update to the following information to assist NSW... Read more

Angus influences 48% of breeding females
19 Oct 2020

An independent survey has identified that Angus genetics have a significant impact in the Australian cattle population,... Read more

Turn-off and Tackling Ticks
19 Oct 2020

Tim and Megan Allen of ‘Argyle’, Mundubbera have been successfully running Angus cross cattle for more than... Read more