2015 – Wodonga VIC

The 2015 Angus Youth National Roundup was held in Wodonga from the 15th – 18th January and was a major success, clearly demonstrating why it is widely touted as the premier event for young beef cattle enthusiasts within Australia. Attended by over 150 Angus Youth members aged between 8 and 25 years of age, the National Roundup was conducted over four days, with participants partaking in a range of activities and social events.

The 2015 Angus Youth National Roundup Committee decided to dedicate the event to the late Phillip Hughes from Four O Eight Angus. Since Four O Eights conception in 2009, Phillip was a huge supporter of the youth program.

The Special Dinner Dance was also held on the Saturday night with over 300 people in attendance.  Thank-you to Ben Redfern for leading the auction which raised over $25,000 to put directly towards the Roundup fund.  Featured lots in the auction included a headbail generously donated by Leichts CIA, several elite embryo and semen packages, as well as a large amount of items featured in the silent auction.

The Roundup is supported by Angus Youth and Angus Australia, however, the event is coordinated by a young and enthusiastic committee who volunteer their time to ensure the success of this annual event.  This year’s committee went above and beyond the usual call of duty to ensure that the 2015 Roundup was the best one yet. Thank-you to everyone on the committee.

2015 Roundup Results

2015 Trans-Tasman Exchange – Kristen Fredericksen

Te Mania Most Potential Breeder Award – Henry Cartwright

Bulliac Angus Studmaster Award – Damon Englund

Merridale Aspiring Breeder Award – Rebecca Bennett

Matthew George Citizenship Award – Cameron Robertson

Lanark Angus SAJHE Award – Damon Englund

Outwest Angus National All Breeds Heifer Show Award – Angus McGregor

EJ Angus Encouragement Award – Sarah Nesbitt & Ryan Brady

Champion Team – Rodwells & Co

Best Presented Animal – Caitlin Berecry

Best Maintained Stall – Merribrook Angus

Champion School Team – St Paul’s College

Angus Youth Ambassador’s – Emily Hurst, Lucy Bernasconi & Kaiti McGregor

Champion Pee Wee: Clare Amor
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: William Ireland
3rd: Casey Halladay
4th: Abby Llewellyn
5th: Isabell Glasser
Encouragement Awards: Charlie Ireland & Darby Amore

Champion Junior: Tiffany McLauchlan
Reserve Junior Champion: Sophie Halliday
3rd: Angus Llewellyn
4th: Monique Gapes
5th: Olivia Bolton
Encouragement Awards: Grace Lee & Darcy Kennedy

Champion Sub Intermediate: Ryan Brady
Reserve Sub Intermediate Champion: Emma Costello
3rd: Ruby Canning
4th: Jack Laurie
5th: Richard Cartwright
Encouragement Awards: Annie Pumpa & Sam Bird

Champion Intermediate: Jack Griffiths
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Aimee Bolton
3rd: Claudia Nielsen
4th: Thomas Fisher
5th: Georgina Rayner
Encouragement Awards: Rebecca Bennett & Zach Jobson

Champion Seniors: Pay Mackey
Reserve Senior Champion: Helen De Costa
3rd: Emma Keech
4th: Emily Hurst
5th: Kate Boardman
Encouragement Awards: Lauren Amor & Zac McInerney

Grand Champion: Lachlan Ware

Champion Pee Wee: Casey Halliday
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: William Ireland
3rd: Abby Llewellyn
4th: Isabell Glasser
5th: Austin Ebeling

Champion Junior: Edward Roe
Reserve Junior Champion: Ryan Ballentine
3rd: Annabel Glasser
4th: Zac Miller
5th: Lillie Stewart

Champion Sub Intermediate: Emma Costello
Reserve Sub Intermediate Champion: Michael McLaren
3rd: Richard Cartwright
4th: Tess Runting
5th: Sarah Sutton

Champion Intermediate: Chelsea Rayner
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Rhys Branson
3rd: Alexander Chester
4th: Aimee Bolton
5th: Jack Griffiths

Champion Seniors: Caitlin Berecry
Reserve Senior Champion: Zac McInerney
3rd: Pat Mackey
4th: Emma Keech
5th: Sam Hunter

Champion Pee Wee: Clare Amore
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Eliza Llewellyn

Champion Junior: Olivia Bolton
Reserve Junior Champion: Angus Llewellyn

Champion Sub Intermediate: Stephanie Hennings
Reserve Sub Intermediate Champion: Ruby Canning

Champion Intermediate: Claudia Nielsen
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Aimee Bolton

Champion Seniors: Lachlan Collins
Reserve Senior Champion: Emily Hurst

Grand Champion: Lachlan Collins