In 2022 Jemima Nugent, Tarcutta NSW was awarded the Angus Australia Business Branding Award as part of the Roundup Awards Program.  

The award is designed to help an Angus Youth Member either with a business or in the process of starting their own business to create a visual identity for their brand. The recipient of this award receives a branding package.     

Jemima used this prize to develop assets for her photography business, aptly named, Jemima Nugent Photography.  

Photography is a strong passion of Jemima’s that started for her when she was fourteen.

‘My art teacher is a professional photographer and she taught me how to create conceptually and technically strong photos. I initially started taking me camera to cattle shows and taking photos around the grounds and in the ring, which then turned into people beginning to notice me and asked me to come and take photos for them. I’ve done jobs including family photo shoots and photographing people’s livestock and pets,’ said Jemima.    

From these humble Jemima has been able to turn that love into a business opportunity that sees her taking lifestyles portraits to landscape photography and marketing.   

‘I want to be able to capture beautiful moments for people to cherish. I love the freedom experienced when taking photos. Through photos I can express so many thoughts, feeling and ideas.’    

Jemima applied for the Angus Australia Business Branding Award as part of the 2022 NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup and applied for the Business Branding award with the aim to grow her small business.   

‘I was lucky enough to win the award, which allows me to showcase what I love doing, who I am and what I’m about. The process of designing the logo with Angus Australia was a carefully thought out one with great communication. The logo accurately represents my business and doesn’t segregate me to one industry, I love it.’  




– Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

Feature Image: Jemima Nugent (right) with sister Charlotte at the 2022 NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup. Image: Showcase By Branded Ag