The Autumn selling season is almost upon us, so it is time to find your next Angus bull or female to ensure you can gain the #AngusPremium and with 47 Angus studs opening their gates during the Stock & Land Beef Week over 8 days from Friday the 27th of January, what better opportunity than this is there to get around and inspect the Angus bulls and females available for private sale or in upcoming auctions. 

DAY 1: Friday 27 January 2023 

Leawood Angus, Flynn Vic
Mawarra Angus, Longford Vic
Sharinda Angus, Winnidoo Vic 


DAY 2: Saturday 28 January 2023 

Absolute Angus, Trafalgar South Vic
Blackjack Angus, Westbury Vic
Bowman Genetics, Neerim South Vic
Fernleigh Angus, Warragul South Vic
Merlewood Angus, Mirboo North, Vic
Wattlewood Angus, Lang Lang Vic

DAY 3: Sunday 29 January 2023 

Adameluca Angus, Kyneton South Vic
Barragunda Angus, Mansfield Vic
Dysart Angus, Hilldene Vic
Riga Angus, Mansfield Vic

DAY 4: Monday 30 January 2023 

Bellaspur Angus, Balmattum Vic
Brewer Beef (Koetong Angus), Tallangatta Valley Vic
Jade Park Angus, Hansonville Vic
Prime Angus, Warrenbayne Vic
Riddlevue Angus, Markwood Vic
Stellar Angus, Mudgegonga Vic

DAY 5: Tuesday 31 January 

Dunoon Angus, Holbrook NSW
Flemington Angus, Adelong NSW
KO Angus, Darbalara NSW
Reuland Angus, Killimicat NSW
Rennylea Angus, Culcairn NSW
Table Top Angus, Table Top NSW
Yukon Park Angus , Adelong NSW 


 DAY 6: Wednesday 1 February 2023 
Fernhill Angus, Hopefield NSW
Merribrook Angus, Milloo Vic
Merridale Angus, Tennyson Vic
Phoenix Park Angus, Lockington Vic

DAY 7: Thursday 2 February 2023 

Banquet Angus, Mortlake Vic
Barwidgee Angus, Caramut Vic
Claremont Angus, Woolsthorpe Vic
Francs Angus, Carranballac Vic
Langi Kal Kal Angus, Trawalla Vic.
Murdeduke Angus, Winchelsea Vic
Nampara Angus @Mortlake Vic, Mortlake Vic
Pj Cattle Co Angus, Mortlake Vic
Te Mania Angus, Mortlake Vic
Weatherley Angus, Mortlake Vic
Willoughby Angus, Gnarwarre Vic

DAY 8: Friday 3 February 2023 
Bassano Angus, Narrawong Vic
Boonaroo Angus, Hamilton Vic
Kurra-Wirra Angus, Culla Vic
Napara Angus @Casterton, Casterton Vic
Pathfinder Angus, Gazette Vic
Weeran Angus, Byaduk Vic

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