Back for another year is the Angus Foundation AuctionsPlus Cadetship, with applications now open for the opportunity, continuing a two-year partnership between Angus Australia and Australia’s largest agricultural marketplace. 

The AuctionsPlus Cadetship is designed to give the recipient hands-on experience in an agribusiness in the beef supply chain. During the cadetship, the cadet will experience the day-to-day operations within AuctionsPlus and develop a unique understanding of how the business works and the central role of the platform in driving innovation within the agricultural industry.  

The cadet will be given all the tools to develop an appetite for further learning and understanding of the workplace and operations at AuctionsPlus.   

The cadetship will take place over a four-week period, with the recipient working with AuctionsPlus in their Sydney office for the duration of the program.    

“We are pleased to once again be joining with AuctionsPlus in order to offer this excellent opportunity for a young person wanting to further their experience within one of the many avenues available in the agricultural industry,” said Angus Australia Extension Manager Jake Phillips. 

The Angus Foundation provides a mechanism for members and other beef industry stakeholders to support youth development,” he said. “Our collaboration with AuctionsPlus for the cadetships has seen the professional development of two bright young members of the industry and we hope that through offering the cadetship again in 2024, we will continue to be able to assist in the growth of a young person wanting to forge a career in the agricultural industry, supporting the industry into the next generation.” 

For 2023 cadet Josephine Cox, the experience opened her eyes to a career she hadn’t expected and one that sees her now working at the Sydney outfit. 

“The cadetship has been a fantastic experience for my overall learning of the corporate side of agribusiness; I did not expect to love working in an office as much as I do now,” she said on completion of the cadetship.  

I want to thank the whole team at AuctionsPlus for being so welcoming and understanding for my placement within their company and the range of teams I was fortunate to work with.” 

Josephine highly encourages anyone to apply for this opportunity. 

‘It gives you such a great insight into seeing ag from a different perspective and gives you a great experience. This cadetship opened doors for me that I did not even know existed.’ 

Similarly for the inaugural AuctionsPlus cadet Bonnie Cox, the cadetship proved an opportunity for professional development, also commencing a job at the company following the completion of her placement. 

“The cadetship was a month long, so there was a lot jampacked into it, which I really enjoyed and was given a good, versatile look at the entire company that is AuctionsPlus,” said Miss Cox. 

“It’s completely changed my life, in a sense. The cadetship has given me a new career, new peers around me that are different in the industry. I’ve got to network with a lot of really cool contacts, and my future just looks completely different to how it did before the cadetship.” 


Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program 

Following their placement with AuctionsPlus, the successful recipients will conclude their cadetship by completing the Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Course. 


The Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program is an intensive five-day workshop conducted on the college campus at Geelong, Victoria and is recognised as one of the longest running rural leadership programs in the nation. It has developed a strong reputation in the agricultural and agribusiness sector, attracting support from a wide range of industry and rural community groups from diverse regional backgrounds. 


The program will develop the skills and knowledge of participants to enable them to:  

  • undertake a leadership role in their industry or community  
  • competently represent their industry or community in decision-making forums  
  • understand and address the issues facing rural industries and rural communities  



Applications for the Angus Foundation AuctionsPlus Cadetship close May 30th 



  • Applicants must be a member of Angus Australia  
  • Applicants must be aged over 18  
  • Applicants must be available to complete four weeks of placement (this will be negotiated at a mutually convenient time and place with AuctionsPlus 
  • Applicants must be available to attend the Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Course  

How to Apply:  
To apply for the cadetships, applicants must complete a set of application questions. Applications will be shortlisted and may undergo an interview.  

The successful applicants will be required to submit a written report to the Angus Australia Board on their experience during the cadetship and at the completion of their leadership course.  

Apply for the Angus Foundation AuctionsPlus Cadetship