Sponsored by Victorian Angus, the Matthew George Citizenship Award was established in 2009 following the passing of Matthew, a keen cattleman, in recognition of his passion for the Angus breed. The award is awarded annually to a participant of the Roundup who displays good cooperation and goes out of their way to help others throughout the event.

At the recent NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup, Victorian Darby McLaren was announced as the 2024 recipient of Matthew George Citizenship Award.

Selected from a shortlist of participants by Victorian Angus representative Peter Collins, Merridale Angus, and the Roundup Organising Committee, Darby was presented the award at the Roundup Gala Dinner on Saturday, January 13th.

Peter Collins, attending the Roundup to assist in the presentation of the award, highlighted the legacy of the award, as well as why he believed Darby was the worthy 2024 recipient.

“I am here presenting the Matthew George Citizenship Award, which is an award donated by the Victorian Angus committee in recognition of Matt, who died suddenly in a car accident.

“Matt was a terrific young person and from a beautiful family that just loves Angus cattle, and Matt really loved Angus cattle as well.

“The Victorian Angus committee donates $500 to go to the person we pick out. I selected three that I thought were really good, and then I put it back on the committee to pick the recipient.

“Darby McLaren here, who they picked out, is a very worthy winner and a terrific young fella. He’s passionate about Angus cattle, he’s passionate about the Roundup and getting around people.

“He’s got that ability to talk to grandpa and also to a five-year-old. He is just an amazing young fella and I think he’ll do this award so good.

“I hope he puts it towards something very good, whether it’s schooling, or a car or a job interview or whatever. I’m sure he will, but he is certainly a worthy winner, and I couldn’t be prouder of Darby.”

For Darby, to receive the award was an honour. “It’s unreal that I was able and fortunate enough to win this award tonight,” he said.

“I’m very fortunate, thankful and grateful for the George family for putting in such a great donation for the youth, helping support us to do what we would like to do and helping us with our future connections – thank you.”

–  Cheyne Twist- Senior Marketing and Communications Officer

– Images Showcase By Branded Ag