Without the generosity of the many sponsors that come on board each year, the Roundup would not be possible. 

Chair of the Roundup Organising Committee Annie Pumpa reflected this sentiment at the recent NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup, “I want to thank all our sponsors, particularly NH Foods Australia. It’s no secret that an event like this doesn’t happen without the monetary involvement from our sponsors, particularly our major sponsor, NH Foods Australia. 

“The partnership and the relationship that we’ve built with them over the last three years, I really do hope that is nurtured into the future, because a brand like that, they’re not necessarily in the front or middle or the back end of supply chain, but they understand the value of young people in our industry and they’re really devoted to upskilling and being part of that story.” 

In 2022, the crowd were lucky to have some of sponsors on hand to assist in bringing the Roundup to life. 

Bronson McLay, Livestock Buyer for NH Foods Whyalla Beef & Wingham Beef Exports, was on the ground representing major sponsor NH Foods Australia. 

“On behalf of NH Foods Australia, we’re very grateful to sponsor an event like this as it’s a great event,” said Bronson. 

“Just to have a look around and see all these young ones that are really getting involved, it makes me quite happy. It’s a really good place in the industry at the moment and Angus Australia and the Angus breeders are doing a great job.” 

“Putting on this event takes a fair bit of effort, especially over the last couple of years to get things happening, so we appreciate that we can be involved and that we can be a sponsor.” 

Daryl Holder from The Cattle Shop had the kids in raptures during his education sessions as he demonstrated how to create a halter for their heifer. 

Being a long-time supporter of the Angus Youth program and Roundup, Daryl knows how important these events are for young people in the industry.   

“I’ve probably been coming to Roundup since about 2007 or 2008.  I’ve missed a couple of the last few but it’s great to be back supporting the youth.” 

Daryl’s gauge of why it is important to support these events is simple. 

“Looking at the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces when they achieve making a halter.  You try and make it fun and educational for them and then they get to keep that halter and go home with it. 

“Then just to see some of the kids when they first get here when they haven’t even met their animals through to the Saturday and Sunday when they are just so confident and are having so much fun, having met all these people and made mates they will keep for years and years to come.” 

When it comes to the why, Daryl emphasised the passing of the torch of industry knowledge.   

“It’s good to have knowledge, but it’s better to be a teacher and to supply that knowledge onto these young people who are coming through.  If we don’t nurture those kids, where are we going to be? 

“There are no trade secrets here, we’ve got so many people here that have got knowledge that they can give to the kids just to make their life easier, and you get such a reward from giving a little bit to the kids because even if they get a just a little bit out of what you tell them it’s fantastic.” 


Brett Tindal, Livestock Channel Manager, and Hannah Powe, Livestock Editor, represented The Land with boots on the ground at the event. 

Australian Community Media and its various mastheads have been sponsors of the Roundup for over 20 years. 

“As part of my role for the last 20 years through Rural Press, Fairfax and now ACM we have been a supporter of the Angus Youth Roundup as a sponsor in the various states, in the Stock & Land, Stock Journal The Land and Queensland Country Life etc,” said Brett. 

“We have always tried to really support the youth programs around the country, especially Angus.  You are a big supporter of our business, and we like to give back.  We see it as a pathway for these young people coming through that then become our clients and our readers, so we like to be engaged with them from the start.” 

Hannah highlighted that supporting the event comes with the built-in advantage of stories about what the up in comers of the industry are doing. 

“These types of environments are the perfect opportunity to gain so many insightful stories about what the kids are doing, how people are getting involved in agriculture and the good stories people like to hear,” said Hannah.  

“A lot of the people that are here, they are the sons and daughters of people we cover a lot in the paper so it’s good to see what they are doing, how they are upskilling and what the future looks like for our industry.” 

Hannah, a former participant of the Roundup for many years, and Brett, a parent to two competitors this year, both have a firsthand understanding of the importance of the program, not only for their business but for the development of industry. 

“It’s not just about showing cattle, it’s exposing them to so many facets of the industry which is so important, and they have got the opportunity to meet people pretty much throughout the whole beef supply chain,” said Hannah. 

“Over the last twenty years we have hired 6-7 people that have come through the junior programs.  It’s a good sanding out ground for us because if they are learning the skills here, we know they can talk to people, we know they have the skills that we want to bring into our business,” said Brett.  


Feature Image: Tindal Family. Images: Showcase By Branded Ag 

Thank you 2022 NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup Sponsors