The ‘Beyond the Beef’ Zoetis Angus National Conference, provided the perfect backdrop for the launch of the new five-year strategic plan and refreshed Angus Australia branding.

Angus for every system

Following his appointment in 2022, CEO Scott Wright embarked on a mission to get in front of as many Angus Australia members and stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand as possible, so that when he sat down with the board of directors, he had a clear vision for how the Angus Society would operate.

The ultimate outcome from the board was a vision of ‘Angus for every system’ and a mission ‘to maximise the profitability and sustainability of our members through innovation and service’.

With this in mind, six critical strategic objectives were set, which will determine the way forward for the board and the management team:

  • Critical Objective 1. Build a level of member engagement that is without parallel.
  • Critical Objective 2. To achieve genetic improvement in Angus and Angus Influenced cattle in member herds.
  • Critical Objective 3. Increase the “Angus Premium” and Angus market share in the Trans-Tasman beef industry.
  • Critical Objective 4. Develop a world class digital platform that enables members to interact with the society intuitively, simply and easily.
  • Critical Objective 5. Attract, develop and retain talent to build the “Angus” future (people and culture).
  • Critical Objective 6. Ensure Angus has a sustainable and viable future (future generations).

Mr Wright acknowledged the hard work that has gone into developing this new five-year strategic plan.

‘Members were questioned and surveyed while management and directors were drilled, and the result is this roadmap for the next five years.’

‘We are excited to embark on a new chapter of Angus in Australia and New Zealand. A chapter that builds on an incredible legacy and imagines a better future.’

For President Erica Halliday the new vision represents an opportunity to draw in the Angus family and embrace everyone in the breed across Australia and New Zealand.

‘It seeks to build on the unity of the breed which has been its amazing strength. You will see words like versatility, engagement, integrity, excellence and simplicity amongst others.’



A brand evolution

With the strategic plan set out, the decision was also made to move forward with an evolution of the Angus Australia branding that will accurately reflect the strategic vision of the organisation.

With the previous Angus Australia logo in use since 2001, concepts were developed to present a modern version of Angus Australia that accurately represents the new strategic vision.

The outcome of this process was not a full rebrand, but an ‘evolution’ that pays homage to the previous logo, while reshaping Angus Australia’s visual identity, messaging, and overall perception to better align with the strategic vision.

This process has seen subtle tweaks in order to communicate a fresh narrative that resonates with the evolving aspirations and expectations of Angus Australia’s members.

CEO Scott Wright acknowledged that, ‘Angus Australia has evolved into a world leading organisation that provides products and services beyond the realm of a traditional breed society and as such the branding should evolve to reflect this. There is also a need to implement branding that can incorporate for Angus Australia offering services to members outside of Australia.’

While the new branding was launched with resounding success at the Conference, over the coming weeks members will notice the updates as they are rolled out across all marketing and communications material.