Allflex Tags Production Delays

Angus Australia would like to advise that due to the impact of COVID-19, Allfex has provided notification of continued supply interruption to printed tags, which includes the production of the Angus Verified and Angus Registered tags.   

 Allflex have provided the following details regarding printed tag production: 

 “As communicated in December 2021, Allflex has been affected, like many industries, by the COVID pandemic through freight and logistics delays, port congestion, componentry availability and COVID related illness within our workforce, quarantine, or close contacts within the community.  

 We continue to work on contingency plans to minimise risk, and the COVID impact to our customers, however, we are seeing delays in some parts of our portfolio. Particularly affected now are our printed tags, with delays to normal order turn-around times. The length of these delays is typically up to 2 weeks on standard order times, however at times may be longer depending on tag type.  

 We apologise for this inconvenience and are working hard to minimise delays. We anticipate further improvement by the middle of February 2022. Thank you for your continued support and patience in this matter.” 

 What does this mean for Angus Australia members? 

Due to this delay, Angus Australia encourages members who are wishing to order Angus Verified or Angus Registered tags to do so at least 6 weeks prior to the sale of animals they wish to tag to account for this supply delay. 

 Please note that ordering these tags is completed by requested the appropriate forms from Angus Australia and taking the completed order form to your preferred rural reseller to order the tags.   

 For more information, please contact Angus Australia.