Angus Australia CEO announces retirement plans

Dr Peter Parnell has announced that he will be retiring from the role as Angus Australia CEO in February 2022.

Dr Parnell commenced in the CEO role in May 2009 and has overseen the introduction of some very significant changes to Angus Australia during his time at the helm of the organisation.  Dr Parnell had also previously filled the role of Breed Development Manager with Angus Australia between 1996 and 2001.

In announcing his retirement plans Dr Parnell said, “It has been a great privilege to have had the opportunity to work in the role of CEO of Angus Australia during a time of massive advancement of the breed and the organisation.”

“I have had the honour of working with some very insightful and supportive Directors during my time as CEO, and I have been surrounded by very talented and passionate staff over this period”.

“I can understand why many people in the beef industry are resistant to change.  But I firmly believe that one of the key reasons for success of the Angus breed in recent decades has been the willingness of Angus breeders to embrace advances in genetic technology.  This has enabled the Angus breed to evolve rapidly over time and maintain its competitive edge in meeting market requirements.”

“Any objective analysis of genetic trend statistics for Angus in Australia will show that building on the solid foundation established by pioneers of the breed, Angus breeders have achieved rates of genetic improvement in profitability traits over the past 30 years that are unsurpassed by any other significant beef population globally.  It is with a sense of pride to have the knowledge that the services provided by Angus Australia to its members have contributed to this achievement”.

“I believe that another important reason for the success of the ‘Angus brand’ has been the ability to base marketing and promotion claims on a solid foundation of supporting data.  This provides incredible persuasive power, whether it be used to support the marketing of an Angus bull, or the marketing of quality Angus beef to a discerning beef importer”.

“It has been very rewarding and fulfilling to have spent a large part of my career so closely involved with Angus breeders”, said Dr Parnell.

With the assistance of Rimfire Resources, Angus Australia will conduct an exhaustive executive search process over coming months to obtain a replacement for the CEO role.

Feature Image: Angus Australia CEO, Peter Parnell has been with Angus Australia in the CEO position since 2009. During his time he has worked with some very insightful and supportive Directors during his time including, Libby Creek (2016 – 2018 President)  and Hugh Munro (2015 – 2016 President).