After almost twenty-four years of service to Angus Australia, Ron Bower has retired from his position.

Ron spent the best part of his career at Angus Australia as the Accountant and in more recent years took on the role of Human Resources Manager.

As a man that was greatly admired by the staff of Angus Australia and of course the members, he will be missed by everyone who interacted with him during this time.

While at Angus Australia Ron served under three CEO’s and while he will tell you it was a privilege for him, the words below will tell you that it is around the other way.

The staff and members of Angus Australia wish Ron all the best for the future.

Graham Truscott, CEO Angus Australia 1994 – 2009

Soon after I took on the CEO role with the Angus Society, I met Ron as a real estate agent when our family was searching for a home in Armidale. I needed an accountant for the Society and Ron impressed me greatly, but sadly declined the job offer, being loyally committed to his company. Years later, again on the trail of an accountant, Fred Bell called me and personally recommended Ron, advising “You’ll never get a better bloke for the job.” And Fred was right, Ron took on the role, changed the whole face of finance in the Society – and became a great friend of mine. Ron’s diligence and accuracy always guaranteed our financial reports were correct to the cent. He introduced clear processes and developed trusting relationships with all staff, but perhaps even more importantly, with the members. Through “drought and flooding rains” Ron could pick up the phone to a member doing it tough and with care, kindness and concern, always arrive at an agreed repayment position resulting in a win-win for both parties. As the management team grew, Ron, with his real-world stock agency and real estate experience, became an invaluable advisor to our team, often contributing those gems of wisdom so needed for innovative and successful solutions. CEOs come and go, but Ron became an institution in Angus Australia, loved and respected by one and all. I can only wish my dear friend and colleague a joyful retirement, free to delight in grandchildren, cars, sun and surf.

Dr Peter Parnell, CEO Angus Australia 2009-2022

It was an absolute delight to have spent my career at Angus Australia working alongside Ron. Ron was the one constant during my role as Breed Development Manager in the late 1990’s, and throughout my role as CEO between 2009 and 2022. At all times Ron provided great support, encouragement and friendship, not just to me, but to my fellow Managers and staff, Directors and the entire membership.

During his role as the Society’s Accountant for many years, Ron performed an impeccable job at overseeing the Society’s daily financial transactions and managing its investments, physical resources and compliance requirements. On numerous occasions, the Society’s auditors commented to the CEO, and to the Board that Ron’s management of financial compliance was flawless.

Of even greater importance was the critical role that Ron performed at the office as a stable influence, mentor and friend to the numerous staff who have served Angus Australia over the past 3 decades. Ron’s welcoming and accommodating nature has been particularly comforting to new staff and those who faced personal or professional challenges.

The transition of Ron’s role to Human Resources Manager in recent years was a natural and successful progression during the past several years leading up to Ron’s eventual retirement. Again, Ron’s dedication and competency in this role contributed enormously to the harmony and productivity of the Angus Australia office.

Angus Australia, and its members, are much indebted to the enormous effort, skills and dedication expressed by Ron during his distinguished career serving the Society.

Scott Wright, CEO Angus Australia 2022 – Current

There is a proverb that says: “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.”

The words diligence, integrity, perseverance, loyalty and industriousness come to mind when I think of Ron Bower and the work that he has done for “The Angus Society of Australia”. He is one of those people whose qualities are beginning to fade in our world.

Ron was always first into the office, always last out. He worked many weekends, many holidays without reward. Truly serving the society and putting it before himself, Ron managed to maintain relationships with everyone he interacted with. Wherever I go members ask me “How is Ron? Please say hello”.

It is a rare achievement to work for three CEO’s. While Ron and I have comparatively only know each other for the last five years, I am indebted to him for giving me a role at Angus and for mentoring me as I moved through the organisation.

We have good financial reserves at the society, which we could attribute to a number of factors. However, the most significant reason is that a man called Ron cared enough to be diligent and a superb steward over such a length of time.

On behalf of the current Board and Staff, Ron, may you have a blessed retirement – Thank you for your service!

Feature Image: President Erica Halliday, Ron Bower & CEO Scott Wright

Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager