It is with a sense of excitement and achievement that Angus Australia reached a substantial milestone in April, 2023 of over 1,000,000 head of Angus cattle verified for the Verified Black Angus Beef (VBAB) program since its launch in early 2017. 

The VBAB program was developed through industry consultation with processors and brand owners looking for an edge when marketing their Angus brands in the market to validate their use of and commitment to purebred Angus cattle and beef throughout the supply chain. 

VBAB differed significantly to Angus Australia’s previous program, Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB), as CAAB included cattle down to a minimum Angus breed content of 75%, whereas for the VBAB program, cattle must be purebred Angus. 

This commitment to purebred Angus cattle and beef has positively supported driving the demand, and premium for Angus cattle that we see today. 

A huge thankyou and gratitude must be paid to those brand owners who have fostered this program and committed to its continued success here in Australia and around the world.  

– Liz Pearson, Commercial Supply Chain Manager