Angus can’t be beaten on MSA performance

If you are looking for eating quality in beef, then the results out of the 2022 Beef Spectacular Awards point to Angus, as Angus and Influenced cattle again cleaned up when the prizes were handed out. 

The Beef Spectacular Awards dinner moved back to a live presentation, with exhibitors and industry representatives coming together in Wagga in early February. This competition is based on real life commercial settings and awards points for induction, feedlot performance and carcase performance. 

For the second year in a row Baringa Pastoral Company, Walcha NSW, with a team of Angus steers, won the eating quality section with an average MSA Index of 66.02. 

Baringa were also awarded the Carcase Champion pen and Riverine Premium Beef Champion pen and fourth overall. 

Another remarkable achievement was that for the second year in a row, Angus exhibits enjoyed a clean sweep of the eating quality medals.  

Angus Australia’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Diana Wood said, ‘There is no better endorsement of the Angus product than when the ten Eating Quality Medals were handed out, places 1-10 were awarded to purebred Angus exhibits.’ 

‘There is no doubt that based on these kinds of results that Angus cattle have what the consumer ultimately requires for a quality eating experience.’ 

Other result highlights included Melon Pastoral winning equal Champion for Feedlot Performance, Gonlin, winning Reserve Champion for Carcase Performance and Angus influenced pens from Rosedale Livestock Partnership claiming the overall Grand and Reserve Champion teams. 

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Feature Image: The Land’s, Shantelle Lord is pictured with Mitch and Susan Crawford of Baringa Pastoral Company, Walcha, who had a very successful night, taking out multiple awards with their Angus entrants. Image: The Land 



1st: Angus – Baringa Pastoral Company L43,  MSA Index  66.02 

2nd: Angus – Tait Pastoral Company L69, MSA Index  65.83 

3rd: Angus – D & A Skinner L34, MSA Index 65.36 

4th: Angus – Shepstone Park L66, MSA Index 65.35 

5th: Angus – Gonlin L13, MSA Index 65.33 

6th: Angus – Tait Pastoral Company L35, MSA Index 65.24 

7th: Angus – Minnamurra Pastoral Company L28, MSA Index 65.22 

8th: Angus – Minnamurra Pastoral Company L58, MSA Index 65.22 

9th: Angus –  Teys Australia – Jindalee Admin L75, MSA Index 65.09 

10th: Angus – JG and V Bond L05, MSA Index 64.98 



= Champion: Angus cross Hereford – Melon Pastoral L53, 260/350 points 



Champion: Angus – Baringa Pastoral Company L43, 425.5/550 points 

Reserve Champion: Angus – Gonlin L13, 421/550 points 



Champion: Angus – Baringa Pastoral Company L43, 713/1000 points 

Reserve Champion: Angus – Shepstone Park L66, 707/1000 points 



Champion: Angus – Minnamurra Pastoral Company L27, 706.5/1000 points 

Reserve Champion: Angus – Tait Pastoral Company L69, 695.5/1000 points 



Grand Champion: Charolais x Angus, Charolais – Rosedale Livestock Partnership L65, 730/1000 

Reserve Champion: Charolais cross Angus – Rosedale Livestock Partnership L32, 728.5/1000 

4th: Angus – Baringa Pastoral Company L43, 713/1000 

5th MJ & JL Millner L25 Charolais x Angus 711 

6th MJ & JL Millner L56 Charolais x Angus 708.5 

7th Shepstone Park L66 Angus 707 

8th Minnamurra Pastoral Company L27 Angus 706.5 

10th Tait Pastoral Company L69 Angus 695.5 


The Baringa Pastoral Co team of Angus steers and resulting EMAs. Images: The Land