is the online database used by Angus Australia, with the fifth instalment of Angus ESSENTIALS breaking down the components of that can help you in your quest in the search for genetics. 

While there are three main components of, Angus ONLINE, Angus SELECT and Angus Database Search, this episode of Angus ESSENTIALS focuses on, Angus SELECT and Angus Database Search. 

Angus SELECT is a suite of tools available for cattle breeders to drive improved profitability, by using the database to find Angus genetics most aligned with breeding goals and objectives. 

While Database Search is used for finding individuals or groups of animals across the database. 

If you missed out on this round of Angus ESSENTIALS, you could catch up on everything here, including how to search across catalogues for animals and genetics for sale and also accessing the reporting functions available. 


Angus ESSENTIALS – AI Programs 

Do you use or are you considering Artificial Insemination in your herd? Join us to learn more about running a successful AI program, with some hints and tips from industry experts.  

The latest webinar in the Angus ESSENTIALS series, ‘AI Programs’ will take place September 8th from 7pm AEST and tell you everything you need to know about using reproductive technologies in your herd.. 

While the webinars are released after each session, joining live means that you are able to directly interact with Angus Australia staff and ask any of those burning questions you may have! 

The Angus ESSENTIALS webinar series is designed to be a starting point for people considering the registered cattle business and for new members to Angus Australia to understand the full range of breeding and genetic tools or existing members to brush up on their knowledge and skills.  The series will provide information and advice from leading industry speakers for attendees to learn how to extract the most value out of breeding decisions, registrations and record keeping, genetic evaluation and creating practical performance recording and genotyping strategies, conducting artificial breeding programs through to the considerations of marketing and preparing for sale.  

The Angus ESSENTIALS webinars will be hosted via ZOOM, with registration required to attend. 

The Angus ESSENTIALS series will feature the following topics: 

Sept 8thAI PROGRAMS – Running a successful AI program – The hints and tips from industry experts  


Sept 29thSALE PREPARATION – Preparing for your sale – A guide to marketing and advertising with Angus Australia   


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