Angus genetics proving their worth in weight gain & visual assessment 

Angus and Angus genetics are on a stellar run following the announcement of live judging and weight gain results at two of the country’s major feedlot competitions. 

2022 Paddock to Palate weight gain results

Angus and Angus influenced had success in the 2022 RNA Paddock to Palate weight gain phase results, with awards given for pens of six steers, as well as individual animals from a total of 756 head. 

The results of the weight gain section is the first of three phases of the competition, with the winners of the second and third phases of the competition, the carcase and eating quality sections, to be announced along with the overall winners of the competition at the Ekka on August 3. 

Class 37A – 100 days 

2nd: Juandah Grazing – ADG 2.998kg – Charolais x Angus 

3rd: Palgrove Pastoral Co – ADG 2.980kg – Charolais Angus cross 


Class 38 – 70 days 

2nd: Aurelian Pastoral Co – ADG 3.160kg – Angus cross Ultrablack 

3rd: Russell pastoral Operations Pty Ltd – ADG 3.071kg – Angus cross 

Highest Individual: Aurelian Pastoral Co – ADG 3.786kf – Angus cross Ultrablack 


 Class 40 – HGP free 100 day 

1st: Palgrove Pastoral Co – ADG 2.557 – Charolais & Charolais Angus cross 

2nd: Texas Angus – ADG 2.398kg – Angus 

Highest Individual – Palgrove Pastoral Co – ADG 2.910 – Charolais & Charolais Angus cross 


2022 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge

As the only feeder carcase trial that holds live assessment judging before the next phase of the competition, the Sydney Royal Beef Challenge brings exhibitors together for a live assessment field day that saw Angus cattle have tremendous success. 

Following live assessment phase winners will be announced based on carcase traits, feedlot performance profitability and eating quality, in September.

Domestic Class Pen Assessment

1st:  M&D MacCue

3rd: M&D MacCue

100 Day Export Class Pen Assessment

1st: Texas Angus – Angus heifers & highest average daily weight gain 2.34kg

2nd: Texas Angus – Angus heifers

3rd: Texas Angus – Angus heifers

100 Day Export Class Individual Assessment

1st: Texas Angus – Angus heifer

2nd: Texas Angus – Angus heifer