The Angus NSW affiliated group is committed to engaging NSW members in the expansion of knowledge in the Angus breed within Australia, you are therefore invited to attend the Angus Breeders Seminar.


MARCH 3, 2023. 1pm-5pm.

Concluding drinks 5pm-6pm.

Optional: Dinner in restaurant 6pm-9:30pm


Session 1 (1pm – 2:30pm)

  • Mr Dick Whale – Would the Angus breed benefit from a STAYABILITY estimate (EBV). What do other breeds both in Australia and USA use to evaluate this important trait. How do producers rate its performance?
  • Dr Matthew Wolcott – The component traits of ‘stayability’. What do we really want to change and monitor when making selection decisions which impact the cow herd? How can these traits be incorporated in a modern genetic evaluation?
  • Dr Shane Thomson – The importance of integrating genetic selection into your production system and where traits like longevity fit into this. Overview of what we see the most efficient cow herd managers doing and musings from the business end of the cow.
  • Panel Discussion and Tea Break: Is the current TACE and or Index system achieving the outcomes you are selecting for?

Session 2 (2:45pm-5pm) Genetic Evaluation Contributions

(Speed round – 15 mins) 

  • Mr Tom Lawson – PARINGA Angus Vic.  – commercial adoption global $ PROFIT index and why we did it the exciting benefits. Focus on traits of economic importance to lift productivity but not at the expense of feed intake.
  • Mr Dick Whale – International Genetic Solutions evaluation Vs TACE differences
  • Mr Nigel Semmens / Paul Douglas ST Genetics – When do I elect to use sexed semen? Cost, success, and reward
  • Dr Matthew Wolcott – BEEF RESEARCH UPDATE by AGBUThis will include efforts towards better understanding the genetic of reproduction traits in temperate as well as tropical breeds, along with other traits which are impacting productivity and profitability (and which will likely become a key component of any ‘stayability’ / sustainability discussion into the future).
  • Ms Hannah Powe Neogen – The Future of Genomics
  • Mr Jake Bourne Zoetis – HeiferSELECT a genomic selection tool for commercial cattle
  • Mr Adrian Whitehead Virbac – Drench resistance in cattle  
  • Ms Nancy Crawshaw – Angus Australia Extension Officer/Member Engagement. Zoom Introduction.

Finish and Feedback questionnaire

Lucky Door Prize Donated 10 Straws of ST Bull genetics.
Lucky Door Prize Donated Multimin Platinum by Virbac
Lucky Door Prize Donated Zoetis
Lucky Door Prize Donated. Neogen

Concluding Drinks 5-6pm Co-Sponsored by Angus NSW, ST Genetics and Zoetis

Optional: Dinner in restaurant 6pm-9:30pm. (Self Pay)

Please RSVP by 24 Feb 2023.

Limited seats available so please reply early.

Email Jo-anne Southorn at

Subject: RSVP: number for seminar and number for dinner.