Learn the Tech – Insights in to the angus.tech Database

Angus Australia, alongside AngusPRO and BIDR, will be hosting the Learn the Tech – Insights in to the angus.tech Database Workshop, being held at Suncourt Hotel & Conference Centre, Taupo New Zealand from 12:30- 3pm on Tuesday the 9th of April.

The Learn the Tech- Insights in to the angus.tech Database Workshop is designed to assist producers who are looking to utilise the functions available through the angus.tech Database and make the most of the search capabilities available to find the genetics best suited. 

In this Workshop, Angus Australia staff will cover:

  • Simple Animal Search 
  • Finding Bulls in Sale Catalogues that meet your selection criteria
  • Searching across multiple sale catalogues at the same time  
  • Saving a database search
  • Generating reports on search results  

RSVPs are required for this event.  Please submit your RSVPs for the Workshop by the 5th of April, 2024.  

Additionally, the event will be interfaced by BIDR, providing a livestream for those who will be unable to attend the event in person.    

For further information, please contact Angus Australia Extension Officer Nancy Crawshaw at nancy.crawshaw@angusaustralia.com.au or on (02) 6773 4600.