Angus Youth turn up from far and wide for Roundup 2020

Angus Youth Roundup was once again back in 2020, taking place in Toowoomba, QLD from Thursday January 16 to Sunday January 19.

The event saw more than 130 participants and 150 cattle from all the states and territories take part, despite unfavourable weather conditions taking hold around the country.

Roundup 2020 saw a different approach to the program, this year turning a focus to Northern production systems to celebrate the event returning to Queensland for the first time in 6 years.

The program saw various educational sessions and demonstrations, the Barnyard Olympics, new editions meat judging and commercial livestock junior judging, cattle classes and parader classes.

The Special Dinner Dance took place Saturday January 18 and saw more than 200 people come together for an evening of fundraising.  The live and silent auctions raised over $16,900 to go to the ongoing support of Angus Youth programs.  This amazing total is thanks to the generous bidders and under bidders on the evening, digging deep in support of the Angus Youth program.

The event supported by a number of a generous sponsors, whom without their support the event wouldn’t be possible.

The event was a great success and would not have been possible without the continuous work of the excellent Roundup Committee, under the guidance of Coordinator Steph Frankham.  The 2020 committee were instrumental to ensuring the success of this event.

Feature Image: Emily H Photography.  Visit the Emily H Photography website HERE.

2020 Roundup Results

2020 Trans-Tasman Exchange: Billi Marshall

Merridale Angus Most Aspiring Breeder Award: Lachlan West

Matthew George Citizenship Award: Abby Nowland

David and Kathleen Cornell Shield: Steph Frankham

EJ Angus Encouragement Award: Chloe Plowman

Champion Senior’s Awards: John Deleforce, Georgia Laurie, Chloe Gould and Claudia Humphries

Intermediate Champion Junior Judge Award: Amelie Martin

Angus Australia Business Marketing Award: John Deleforce

Champion Team: VIC State Committee

Best Maintained Stall: Bowenfels Angus

Best Presented Animal: Sophie Halliday

Champion Pee Wee: Darcy Graham
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Georgie Hill
3rd: Ben Scheiwe
4th: Imogen Scanlon
5th: Aiden Rudder
Encouragement Awards: Vanessa Thompson & Lily Nott

Champion Junior: Matthia Rudder
Reserve Junior Champion: Jack Iddles
3rd: Lottie Volker
4th: Johnny Fish
5th: Riley Scott
Encouragement Awards: Brooke Iseppi & Thomas Duddy

Champion Sub-Intermediate: Isabel Glasser
Reserve Sub-Intermediate Champion: Noah Iddles
3rd: Samuel Graham
4th: Lily Kemph
5th: Meg Kealey
Encouragement Awards: Gorgie Plowman & Matilda Salter

Champion Intermediate: Monique Gapes
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Casey Halliday
3rd: Chloe Plowman
4th: Zoe Cargill
5th: Amelie Martin
Encouragement Awards: Lachlan West

Champion Seniors: John Deleforce
Reserve Senior Champion: Billi Marshall
3rd: Chloe Gould
4th: Georgia Laurie
5th: Kaiti McGregor
Encouragement Awards: Chloe Kemph & Lillie Stewart

Grand Champion: John Deleforce

Champion Pee Wee: Darcy Graham
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Vanessa Thompson
3rd: Lily Nott
4th: Alister Gapes
5th: Darcy Graham
Highly Commended: Georgie Hill & Georgia Scanlon

Champion Junior: Robert Flint
Reserve Junior Champion: Dominic Crotty
3rd: Lottie Volker
4th: Thomas Duddy
5th: Riley Scott
Highly Commended: Isaac Day & Meg Kealey

Champion Sub-Intermediate: Chloe Keevers
Reserve Sub-Intermediate Champion: Aiden Schelberg
3rd: Mackenzie Koch
4th: Samuel Graham
5th: Nicholas Erwin
Highly Commended: Josh Halliday

Champion Intermediate: Amelie Martin
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Zoe Cargill
3rd: Will Harborne
4th: Lachlan West
5th: Tyler Martindale
6th: Myles Wellman

Champion Seniors: Claudia Humphries
Reserve Senior Champion: Harry Turnham
3rd: Kaiti McGregor
4th: Angus McGregor
5th: Jack Laurie
Highly Commended: Sophie Halliday

Grand Champion: Claudia Humphries

Champion Pee Wee: James Tout
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Alister Gapes
3rd: Aiden Rudder
4th: Gemma Sullivan
5th: Georgia Scanlon

Champion Junior: Ava Dobbin
Reserve Junior Champion: Max Strong
3rd: Brooke Iseppi
4th: Ryan Knee
5th: Jack Iddles

Champion Sub-Intermediate: Zoe Rudder
Reserve Sub-Intermediate Champion: Ella O’Neill
3rd: Joel Megalconomos
4th: Noah Iddles
5th: William Dobbin

Champion Intermediate: Byron Brunner
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Chloe Plowman
3rd: Charlie Salter
4th: Emily Shannon
5th: Monique Gapes

Champion Seniors: Georgia Laurie
Reserve Senior Champion: Billi Marshall
3rd: Harry Turnham
4th: John Deleforce
5th: Kaiti McGregor
Highly Commended: Angus McGregor
Highly Commended: Tamika Schultz

Grand Champion: Georgia Laurie

Champion Pee Wee: Imogen Scanlon
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Alister Gapes

Champion Junior: Brooke Iseppi
Reserve Junior Champion: Charlie Spina

Champion Sub-Intermediate: Matilda Salter
Reserve Sub-Intermediate Champion: Meg Kealey

Champion Intermediate: Chloe Plowman
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Charlie Salter

Champion Seniors: Chloe Gould
Reserve Senior Champion: Mikaela Ross

Grand Champion: Matilda Salter

Champion Team: Bowenfels Angus
Reserve Champion Team: Bulliac Angus