AngusSELECT marketing opportunities for all members

Did you know that Angus Australia’s catalogue services are not just for members hosting auction sales?

With significant growth in searches across AngusSELECT in 2020, members selling bulls and females privately or whom have semen or embryos for sale are encouraged to include those listings on AngusSELECT.

The Angus Australia website and AngusSELECT is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning that your bulls, females, semen and embryos for sale, can be searched for and seen at any time.

Now more than ever, people are going online to search for their next bull, female or genetics purchase, and they want to do their research first.

If your sale is not listed you may be missing out on this opportunity, as AngusSELECT allows users to conduct searches across individual or all catalogues, so if you bulls, females, semen and/or embryos aren’t listed they will not be front of mind!

Getting your bulls and females in front of a large and wide-ranging audience

In today’s time poor society, prospective purchasers want to be able to look for their information in the one place, without having to go searching across multiple websites.

Listing your offering on AngusSELECT may also open you up to new clientele.

Searches across catalogues in Angus SELECT have seen a significant increase throughout 2020, particularly during both the autumn and spring selling seasons. February saw a 38% increase compared to 2019 in searches across catalogues, while June saw a 46% increase and August a massive 64% increase, with over 45,000 searches.

This means that members who are selling bulls, females, semen and embryos privately and those not listing their catalogues online with Angus Australia are missing out on reaching a larger audience!

Linking to other sites and sharing across social media

If you have listed you catalogue with AngusSELECT, links from for whole catalogues or individual animals can be shared with companies like AuctionsPLUS, posted on social media and linked to websites, sharing the most up to date registration and TACE information on your listings with prospective clients.

Photos and videos?

An absolute must in the current climate, giving the user the full experience to inspect your cattle even if they cannot be there in person.

Part of the catalogue service offered by Angus Australia allows the loading of images and videos to individual animals, meaning that when a prospective client clicks through to view the details on one of your animals they can view that animal from the comfort of their own home.

Are you missing out?

If you are a member whom hosts an annual auction and doesn’t already access Angus Australia’s catalogue services, or offers animals and genetics for sale privately on farm and you want more information on utilising Angus Australia catalogue services and subsequently being listed online with AngusSELECT, please contact us today to learn more, E:, Ph: 02 6773 4600, or visit


AngusSELECT™ consists of a modern and intuitive suite of genetic selection tools that enable users of Angus genetics to identify the Angus genetics that are most aligned with their breeding goals and objectives.

Using the AngusSELECT™ suite of tools, Angus breeders can:

  • view upcoming sales featuring registered Angus genetics
  • search and sort for registered Angus animals, semen or embryos that are currently available for sale, and identify the most suitable Angus genetics for use within their breeding program
  • find suppliers of registered Angus genetics
  • access education modules that assist users of Angus genetics to identify those animals that best meet their genetic selection criteria

More information on accessing AngusSELECT and the range of tools available can be viewed by visiting the Angus Education Centre at