The Angus Australia Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of a scholarship to attend the ‘Beyond the Beef’ Zoetis Angus National Conference to young beef industry member Annie Palmer.

The ‘Beyond the Beef’ Zoetis Angus National Conference will take place in Tamworth, NSW 18 -19 of May and will host a line-up of highly knowledgeable speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds, covering topics that delve into the outlook for Australia in the world protein space, biosecurity, the supply chain of the future, how Angus work in varying environments, management opportunities for the future and much more.

“We are pleased to announce that Annie has been selected for the Angus Foundation ‘Beyond the Beef’ Zoetis Angus National Conference Scholarship. The aim of this scholarship is to increase the recipient’s knowledge of the Angus Australia breed society and the beef industry as a whole, allow Annie the opportunity to network with industry professionals and overall develop her personal skills,” said Angus Australia Extension Manager Jake Phillips.

“Through the application process it was clear that Annie was passionate about the beef industry and has clear aspirations to expand her knowledge of the industry across the supply chain, particularly in breeding and genetics. I believe that the conference will be an excellent opportunity for her within personal and professional development.”

Annie looks forward to the experience and what can be learnt through attending the conference.

“I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and to better my program and industry,” she said. “I also believe the conference will have a direct impact on improvements and changes to my herd and in turn down the line to our clients’ commercial herds that supply the industry with better Angus and Angus influenced beef.”

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be able to travel to the conference to expand my knowledge and interact with fellow producers and stud breeders and to get an on the ground view from commercial producers’ point of view as well as other parts of the chain such as processors.”


About Annie:

Annie Palmer has been involved in the beef industry for many years, since her families’ acquisition of an Angus stud in 2007. An opportunity eventually arose to show their embryo heifers, which Annie absolutely loved and has continued doing so since. From this passion of showing, stemmed the establishment of their show supply company, Limitless Show Supplies, importing her first container of products in 2017 from USA.

Annie has participated in the Angus Youth activities, including showing her own cattle at the Angus Youth Roundup. She currently continues to manage a small Angus and Simmental cow herd, as well as her own Angus cows, sourcing genetics from around Australia and overseas.