Announcement on the 2022 NH Foods Angus Youth Roundup

Regrettably, due to the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases across Australia, Angus Australia has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2022 NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup, originally scheduled to be conducted mid January 2022.

The decision to postpone the event has been a difficult one to make, particularly given how close the Roundup is to fruition and the amount of time, energy and effort the participants, sponsors and committee have put into creating a safe, educational and fun event.

In light of the drastically increasing COVID-19 case numbers, it will be inevitable that positive cases and close contacts will highly likely be attending the event in some capacity.

Angus Australia has a duty of care to all attendees, volunteers, committee and staff to provide a safe working environment. Given many of the competitors and attendees are younger than the age able to be vaccinated, in line with Government recommendations, combined with record levels of transmission of COVID-19 in the community, this has resulted in the unfortunate decision to postpone. We feel we cannot provide a sufficiently safe environment for the event to run as planned.

In addition, Angus Australia is increasingly concerned with the inability for people to access testing in a timely manner through PCR or RAT testing and the potential impacts on attendees and businesses.

A decision has not yet been made on the timing of a rescheduled event and at this stage the Angus Youth Roundup Organising Committee are exploring all options with regards to a revised date.

By rescheduling to a later date, we hope the large number of younger competitors and attendees will have the opportunity to access the COVID-19 vaccination should they choose to do so.

The Angus Youth Roundup Organising Committee is pleased to announce that the Cornell Shield, Stewart Award, The Angus Australia Branding Award and the Senior and Intermediate Bursary awards will be awarded via an online announcement on the Angus Youth Social Media Channels in the coming week. An announcement will also be made with regards to the Trans-Tasman Travel Bursary. It is anticipated that the other Roundup awards will be offered at the rescheduled event.

Angus Australia CEO, Peter Parnell, said, “We look forward to announcing a rescheduled date for the NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup in the coming months so the Angus family can still come together in Wodonga to celebrate an even better event than originally planned.”

“Angus Australia is very appreciative of the hard work done by the Angus Youth Roundup Organising Committee, and the ongoing support provided by the sponsors and Angus family in preparing for the event. We are committed and determined to reap the rewards from this effort by conducting a very memorable event in the future when the impact of the pandemic has eased,” said Mr Parnell.

For further information please contact Toni Nugent, Angus Youth National Roundup Event Manger, or Jake Phillips, Angus Australia Breed Development Officer,