Another year, another excellent Roundup

The 2019 Thomas Foods International Angus Youth Roundup took place in Armidale, NSW from the 10th to the 13th of January.

171 competitors from Australia, New Zealand and Germany flocked to Armidale to participate in the four-day event.

The weekend was full of fun and educational activities, from the Backyard Olympics, cattle classes, junior judging, Paraders, education sessions, a mock bull sale and the Special Dinner Dance.  The participants worked hard to ensure that their animals, whether it be their own or ballot cattle generously supplied by the ballot animal sponsors, were well taken care of and presented well for the various cattle activities.

The Special Dinner Dance was a roaring success, with 380 people attending on Saturday night.  The live and silent auctions raised over $25,000 for Angus Youth programs, smashing previous records for the most money raised in any Angus Australia auction, a credit to the generous buyers on the evening supporting the Angus Youth program.

Roundup also kicked off the first of the Angus Australia centenary celebrations and played host to a small opening event to launch the year of celebrations.

The event, proudly supported by Thomas Foods International, Angus Youth and Angus Australia was a great success and would not have been possible without the tireless work of the enthusiastic Roundup Committee.  The 2019 committee were instrumental to ensuring the success of this wonderful event.

2019 Roundup Results

2019 Trans-Tasman Exchange: Chloe Gould

Bulliac Studmaster Award – Damien Thomson

Blackstone Angus SA Junior Heifer Expo Award – Lachlan West

Merridale Angus Most Aspiring Breeder Award: Amber Alsford

Matthew George Citizenship Award: Monique Estrada

David and Kathleen Cornell Shield: Zac McInerney

EJ Angus Encouragement Award: Taylah Hobbs

Champion Senior’s Awards: Jack Laurie, Lane Evans and Chloe Gould

Intermediate Champion Junior Judge Award: Claire Alandale

Dalwhinnie Promising Young Angus Breeder Award – Noah Iddles

Champion Team: Goonoo Red Angus

Best Maintained Stall: Bulliac Angus

Best Presented Animal: Lochie McLauchlan

Champion Pee Wee: Louis Henry
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Lauren Cross
3rd: Jack Robson
4th: Dominic Crotty
5th: Brad Johnson
Encouragement Awards: Georgia Scanlon & Jack Wood

Champion Junior: Taylah Hobbs
Reserve Junior Champion: Meg Kealey
3rd: Rachel Henry
4th: Georgina Raff
5th: Thomas Duffy
Encouragement Awards: Seth Neutze & Georgie Plowman

Champion Sub-Intermediate: Charlie Saltman
Reserve Sub-Intermediate Champion: Caitlin Rudder
3rd: Chloe Plowman
4th: Lucy Glendinning
5th: Grace Neeves
Encouragement Awards: Adam Wilke & Jack Almond

Champion Intermediate: Sam Parish
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Ryan Carpenter
3rd: Sophie Halliday
4th: Monique Grapes
5th: Charlotte Nugent
Encouragement Awards: Jess Martin & Maddison Cross

Champion Seniors: Chloe Gould
Reserve Senior Champion: Hannah Powe
3rd: Jack Laurie
4th: Tiffany McLauchlan
5th: Mitchell Dundas
Encouragement Awards: Lilli Stewart & Georgia Harborne

Grand Champion: Sam Parish

Champion Pee Wee: Jack Robson
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Arthur White
3rd: Grace Newcombe
4th: Callie Adams
5th: Louis Henry
6th: Alexander Scanlon-Dawson

Champion Junior: Logan Evans
Reserve Junior Champion: Meg Kealey
3rd: Georgia Plowman
4th: Thomas Duddy
5th: Ryan Knee
6th: Matilda Salter

Champion Sub-Intermediate: Casey Halliday
Reserve Sub-Intermediate Champion: Emma Pelling
3rd: Lucy Glendinning
4th: Charlie Salter
5th: Grace Neeves
6th: Chloe Plowman

Champion Intermediate: Claire Alandale
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Sam Parish
3rd: Monique Gapes
4th: Nick Graham
5th:Sophie Cargill
6th: Sam Lavender

Champion Seniors: Jack Laurie
Reserve Senior Champion: Chloe Gould
3rd: Alex Watt
4th: Monique Estrada
5th: Lane Evans
6th: Brenden Lydford

Grand Champion: Jack Laurie

Champion Pee Wee: Jack Robson
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Louis Henry

Champion Junior: Taylah Hobbs
Reserve Junior Champion: Matilda Salter

Champion Sub-Intermediate: Lochie McLauchlan
Reserve Sub-Intermediate Champion: Bridie Chester

Champion Intermediate: Sam Parish
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Sophie Halliday

Champion Seniors: Lane Evans
Reserve Senior Champion: Tiffany McLauchlan

Grand Champion: Lane Evans