The Angus Foundation is excited to be supplying five scholarships for Angus Australia members to attend the Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course.   

Taking place on 4th– 6th December 2023 and organised by the Angus NSW Committee, the Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course is widely recognised as the most practical and hands on beef cattle selection course of its kind.  

Applications are now open for Angus Australia members aged 16 to 30 years allowing for the opportunity to attend the course, where they will be educated on all aspects of the beef industry and work to increase their knowledge and skills in judging and selecting beef cattle.   

The course will cover a wide range of topics ranging from using EBV’s, structural conformation and selection of market utilising Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus breeds and their crosses and will help participants through developing practical skills and information, presenting networking opportunities.   

Each scholarship recipient will have their entry fees covered (Valued at more than $500) which includes all accommodation, food and course fees.   

The aim of the scholarship is to:   

  • Increase the recipient’s knowledge of the beef industry 
  • Increase the recipient’s knowledge and skills in judging beef cattle 
  • Expose the recipient to industry leaders 
  • Develop the recipient’s judging skills 


  • Applicants must be aged between 16 and 30 years of age 
  • Applicants must be members of Angus Youth and/or Angus Australia 
  • Have a strong desire to develop their beef cattle judging skills 

How to Apply:  

To apply for this scholarship applicants must compete application questions. Applications will be shortlisted and may undergo an interview. 





Want to know why you should apply? 




Charlotte Nugent, Hamish Smith, Kristen Fredericksen, Liam Mowbray, William Crane, Meg Kealey, Hannah Bamford and Nicola Miller all participated in the course, which is hosted by Angus NSW and is widely recognised as the most practical and hands on beef cattle selection course of its kind.   READ MORE 


Upon returning from the beef cattle assessment school the recipient must submit a report detailing their experience. 

Quote from Charlotte Nugent, 2021 Scholarship Recipient. 

Tocal focused greatly on the commercial side of the Australian beef industry, and I personally got so much out of the course, finding the experience both challenging and very educational.  

The mentors who presented the course and the judges through the three days were exceptional cattlemen who were able to openly share so much of their knowledge with myself and my peers as well being open to many questions and queries that anyone had. The course has given me a fresh set of eyes when it comes to judging cattle. It taught me the importance of the final destination and market preferences. When breeding cattle, you must always have a final destination in mind.