Angus Australia is pleased to announce that Sean Wright and Chloe Plowman have been selected as the recipients of the 2023 Angus Foundation ARCBA Young Breed Leaders Workshop Scholarships.  

Hosted by the Australia Registered Cattle Breeders Association (ARCBA), the Young Breed Leaders Workshop draws together young leaders from Australian Beef Breeds to engage, develop and prepare them to build a solid network of skilled future leaders of the beef industry.  

Through the scholarship opportunity, Sean and Chloe will take part in the two-day workshop in Brisbane, Queensland, alongside other young people in the industry.  The workshop, which will be hosted from the 24th to the 25th of October, is designed to inspire and prepare the up and comers in the beef industry for senior management roles.   

“We are pleased to have Sean and Chloe representing Angus Australia at the ARCBA Young Breed Leaders Workshop,” said Angus Australia Extension Officer Nancy Crawshaw.    

“We hope that through this opportunity, Sean and Chloe will have the ability to upskill themselves and broaden both their professional and personal development.”  

“Through what they are able to take away from the workshop, we hope that they are both better placed in their ability to take on leadership roles in industry and are able to widen their professional network through engaging with industry professionals.” 

Meet the Recipients 


Sean Wright  

Ambitious, enthusiastic, and energised to create positive change in Northern beef production systems would be the ideal way to describe Sean. He has bold ideals which he believes could successfully challenge the status quo of northern production systems for the betterment of producers and breed societies. Sean hopes to attend the ARCBA Workshop to learn skills which could be beneficial when and if selected on boards and committees in the future to assist in creating and ideally implement some of the ideas and concepts into practice within breed societies and industry. 





Chloe Plowman  

Chloe Plowman is 20 years old and currently working as a Junior Real Estate & Livestock Agent in Kingaroy QLD. She has a strong passion for showing cattle and wanting to encourage other young ones to get involved in the industry. Majority of her time outside of work and showing cattle is spent on her family farm, which is a beef cattle operation breeding stud Angus cattle, consisting of 70 Breeders, retaining heifers and selling 20+ bulls each year.  The family also has a commercial operation consisting of Angus x Cows & Calves. Chloe lives & works in the agricultural industry, and it is where she not only sees her future, but where she knows her future will be.