2024 Autumn Inventory now available

The 2024 Autumn Inventory is now available for members to Download files through your angus.tech login.

Members will need to check this list carefully and fate all females they do not wish to pay Female inventory on. This list should be returned to the Angus Australia office before the 15th March 2024.

The Society will then calculate an invoice based on the number of active females remaining in each Angus Register and will send the invoice on the 22nd March 2024.

Members will be given 60 days to pay that invoice in full by the 1st April 2024. No credits will be provided for females that have not been fated by 15th March 2024. Please be careful to return the Autumn Inventory before the due date to avoid females being charged unnecessarily.   

Animals can be fated using one of the following systems:

  • Website: Fate animals or change an animals’ calving season by using the Angus Australia Online registration system, which can be accessed through the Angus Australia website.
  • Spreadsheet: Fates may be submitted via a spreadsheet. To obtain an Autumn Inventory List in a csv file, go to the Members Area on the Angus Australia website, go to Download Files and look under the Inventory tab. The file will look like “XXX_FATES_ Autumn_2024.csv”.

Should members require a paper copy of inventory or have any problem accessing Autumn Inventory please contact the MSO team by email regos@angusaustralia.com.au and we will arrange to have forms either printed and posted or emailed as soon as possible.

Calving Books: If members would like to receive Angus Australia Calving Books, please email regos@angusaustralia.com.au and note how many books you require and membership ID.   

Also attached is a pdf file with inventory fate codes.

If members have any queries regarding the Autumn Inventory List, please contact the Member Services Team at your earliest convenience. Once again, Member Services staff are always available to assist, please do not hesitate to email or call should members have any queries or concerns.