Behind the Beef – A Go to Guide Part Two – DNA Services and Sale Catalogues

The latest episode is another guide in relation to sale catalogues, and we will be joined by friend to the podcast Sam Hamilton, Angus Australia’s Marketing Officer- Sale Catalogues, as well as newbie to the podcast, but someone members would be familiar with, Senior Member Services Officer Tammy McLeod.   

This episode will be the last focusing on sale catalogue and rounds out our guides to your sale day from the perspective of a producer who is hosting the sale.  It highlights the importance of the DNA services of Angus Australia, and how your prep for your sale can go wrong if you are not prepared, as well as the recommended timeline you should be working to ensure you are ready to go on sale day. 

This episode is great for the Angus seedstock producer, particularly those who are undertaking this period for their first sale, but also for those who need a refresher on how the most effective way of approaching DNA and sale catalogues in the lead up to their sales.   




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