Behind the Beef Episode 12 – The Angus Influence – From Performance to Profit

A few months ago, we released our “A Week at Beef Australia” Behind the Beef episode detailing the week that was at the excellent Beef Australia 2021. In that episode we gave a recap of the Angus Australia seminar hosted at Beef Australia, “The Angus Influence – From Performance to Profit”.

As promised in that episode, episode 12 of Behind the Beef brings listeners the seminar itself, which is MC’ed by President and Board Chair Sam White and features a question-and-answer session hosted by Angus Australia Northern Development Officer Jen Peart, with producers Sam Crowther, Ben McGlynn and Robert Mackenzie.

This session in the seminar focuses on producer profitability, the opportunities for Angus use in the north and south and features the experience of producers implementing Angus genetics in their operations.


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