Behind the Beef Episode 22 – Genomics for commercial production with Angus HeiferSELECT

In the latest episode of Behind the Beef we will be delving into one of the tools available to Angus producers around Australia.  

Commercial Angus breeders wishing to utilise genomics to help inform the selection of Angus replacement females can now access Generation 2 of Angus HeiferSELECT.  

The development of the new generation of Angus HeiferSELECT is the result of eighteen months’ work with Angus Australia and collaborating partner, CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency.   

This episode will be joined by Angus Australia General Manager – Genetic Improvement Christian Duff and commercial Angus Producer Fraser James who will break down Angus HeiferSELECT and its use in commercial breeding operations.

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