Dr Bruno Sanches, Vytelle will be speaking on ‘Unlocking your herd’s potential through hormone free IVF’ and Dr Sam Clark, University of New England on, “The power of efficient beef production: Breeding for low methane emissions” at the ‘Beyond the Beef’ Zoetis Angus National Conference. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW

Dr Bruno Sanches, Vytelle – ‘Unlocking your herd’s potential through hormone free IVF’

Bruno Sanches, DVM, Vytelle VP of Operations, is responsible for the technical development and management of the Vytelle product portfolio, including its revolutionary FSH-free ovum pick-up and IVF process. Between 2017 to 2020, as Chief Operating Officer, Sanches has led Vytelle’s efforts to develop new processes to optimize IVF success for dairy and beef producers around the world. Sanches is an expert in animal reproduction, livestock IVF and embryo cryopreservation, and previously served as director for ABS Global and production director for In Vitro Brasil. He earned his DVM in 2003 and also his Ph.D from Londrina State University in Brazil.

Along with his 20 years working in the Animal Reproduction Industry, Sanches is an established researcher and author, having written and collaborated on 20+ articles submitted to journals including Animal Reproduction, TheriogenologyReproduction in Domestic Animals and Reproduction Fertility and Development.

Sanches is a member of the International Embryo Technology Society (IETS) and the Brazilian Society of Embryo Technology (SBTE). Sanches was awarded “The Roberto Jorge Chebel Award for Applied Research” by SBTE at its 2017 annual meeting.

Presentation Synopsis

Unlocking your herd’s potential through hormone free IVF 

Dr Bruno Sanches will take you on a journey outlining how you can unlock your herd’s potential using hormone free IVF. Vytelle’s propriety media along with their modern procedures are transforming IVF results globally. Be the first to hear you can access this technology in your herd locally in Australia in 2023.

Dr Sam Clark, University of New England – ‘The power of efficient beef production’

Dr Sam Clark is an Associate Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics at UNE. Sam has rapidly built an esteemed reputation in animal breeding and has become one of the most respected animal genetics researchers nationally. Sam’s expertise centres on the prediction of breeding values and the optimal use of information within animal breeding programs. He is currently involved in research projects regarding genetic evaluation and genomic selection in sheep, beef cattle, chickens and dairy cattle. These projects underpin the generation of reference datasets for key traits such as traits for productivity, meat quality, feed efficiency, methane outputs, animal health and welfare to underpin national genomic selection pipelines. At UNE he also plays a key role in teaching and mentoring up and coming PhD candidates as well as students in the Bachelor of Rural Science and Agricultural degrees.


The ‘Beyond the Beef’ Zoetis Angus National Conference, is set to take May 18th and 19th at The Event Centre, West Tamworth League Club, NSW and will include a pre conference tour on May 17th.