What does it mean to be a breed leader?

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Profit-driven commercial bull buyers are constantly looking to identify seedstock sources whose genetics they are confident will improve their bottom line. Looking past the shiny coats and glossy catalogues to understand the true genetic merit of a seedstock herd is an essential part of the process of identifying breed leaders.

Bush AgriBusiness released the first edition of Top Studs in 2023 to assist in this process, bringing a new dimension to the bull-buying due diligence process for profit-focused commercial beef producers.

By leveraging the available genetic information, commercial beef producers can use the Top Studs publication to make informed choices based on the genetic profile and progress over time of potential seedstock sources.

Bush AgriBusiness believes that those studs that are producing commercially relevant genetics supported by quality objective data, should be recognised as a Top Stud. If you are one of the breed leaders within the Angus breed, then you should nominate yourself for inclusion.

Qualifying criteria for Top Studs:

To be identified as a Top Stud, an Angus stud must meet the following criteria:

  1. Utilise the Angus Australia Database:
    The stud must actively use and contribute to the Angus Australia database, demonstrating a commitment to utilising advanced genetic information.
  2. Minimum annual registration of 50 calves:
    A Top Stud must register a minimum of 50 calves annually on the Angus Australia database, showcasing a consistent and substantial contribution to the genetic pool.
  3. Exceeding 2022 herd average for at least one selection index:
    The stud’s 2022 herd average must equal or exceed the breed average for at least one selection index, including the Angus Breeding Index, Domestic Index, Heavy Grain Index, or Heavy Grass Index (excluding Angus Terminal Sire Index, Angus-PRPO Index, and the Low-Cost Indexes). This ensures that the stud is making significant strides in key genetic traits.
  4. The stud nominates itself for inclusion (Angus Only)
    As the Angus Australia database is managed by the Angus society, studs must opt-in for inclusion in the publication.

Upon submission of the necessary information via the form linked above, Angus Australia will be able to provide Bush AgriBusiness with a data extract of the stud’s overall herd’s average genetic and selection index values. This collaboration allows for a thorough analysis, enabling the inclusion of the stud in the Angus chapter of Top Studs, provided it meets the qualifying criteria. 

If you would like to get in contact with Bush AgriBusiness, please contact Sally Finch on 0408 707 393 or via email sally@bushagri.com.au





Sally Finch, Bush AgriBusiness. From our partner, Bush AgriBusiness.

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