In some very exciting news, major partner of the Angus Youth Roundup, NH Foods Australia will be bringing culinary expertise to the 2024 NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup in the form of NH Foods Brand Partner Chef Jason Roberts!

Chef Jason will be attending the event to showcase the NH Foods mission to deliver the ‘Joy of Eating’ and will be serving up the Daube of Beef Cheek Provencal Style on Thursday night for the Roundup participants.

In providing this cooking demonstration, NH Foods and Chef Jason hopes to highlight the connection between a healthy body, fuelled on good protein like red meat, and a healthy mind – an important lesson for each of our attendees to take home.

“There is nothing quick about a Daube of Beef,” said Chef Jason. “It has everything to do with respect and understanding of low and slow cooking, the patience in marinating good meat overnight in good wine, and the effort to refine flavours and textures. It really is a magnificent dish.”

Over the last six months, Chef Jason has visited the Whyalla Beef feedlot, Oakey Beef Exports plant and Wingham Beef Exports plant and enjoyed working with and cooking for, ‘some of the country’s finest farmers and producers.’

Chef Jason is passionate about supporting young people and getting them inspired, he enjoys giving back to the hospitality industry that has given him so much, and from time to time he appears at TAFE colleges in Sydney to talk with the culinary students studying to be chefs.

He has wise words for young people, encouraging them to “force yourself to get uncomfortable, it’ll help activate the intuitive muscle.”

The NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup will be held at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre, Tamworth NSW on January 10th to 14th and will host 160 young beef enthusiasts.