Angus Australia closed its commercial supply chain department on Friday 15 December 2023.

Angus Australia CEO Scott Wright said that there are times when organisations have to look strategically at a service, product or delivery model and pivot to make the necessary change.

The commercial supply chain implemented the auditing of Verified Black Angus Beef and Verified Angus Beef, the endorsing marks of Angus Australia.  These endorsements provide superior brand recognition, integrity and assurance that any Angus brand carrying this mark is genuine Angus.

Angus brand verification client numbers have been declining in recent years and there has been limited growth potential for verification services since McDonald’s withdrew from the programme in 2020.

Angus Australia will work with brand verification clients to recreate a simplified verification program that works for industry, utilising the new DNA-based breed content verification.

Existing brands will continue to verify Angus beef and Angus Australia will take a collaborative approach to working alongside them to ensure the industry is serviced effectively. Consumers can be assured that a DNA-based tool will only improve the integrity of the verification process.

“Angus Australia is committed to increasing market share and the demand for Angus beef.”

The value of Angus is evident by the premiums fetched in the live cattle market, as well as the premiums going back to farmers from the processor grids. Angus Australia is focused on building the market share for Angus, as well as lifting prices throughout the supply chain.

As the commercial supply chain chapter closes, Angus Australia moves its focus to the development and rapid growth of its DNA services.  Angus BreedCHECK is a genomic (DNA) based system that estimates breed composition (from 11 breeds), with a particular focus on the Angus content.  The tool will be utilised by processors, including NH Foods and Jack’s Creek, to objectively determine breed content.

The closure of the commercial supply chain saw Angus Australia face the difficult task of implementing one redundancy and would like to thank Liz Pearson for her enthusiasm and hard work during her time with Angus Australia.

Scott Wright, Angus Australia CEO