Angus Australia would like to invite members to start collecting Pinkeye scores when they have an outbreak of the Pinkeye on farm.   

This follows on from a jointly funded study of Pinkeye in Angus Cattle by CSIRO and Angus Australia which was completed in 2022. In the survey, 97% of 238 members who responded had seen Pinkeye in their herd in the past 5 years. Additionally, over 85% of respondents felt that Pinkeye had a moderate or severe animal welfare implication. A pinkeye scoring system has been developed so members can begin to collect information on the genetic aspects of Pinkeye in Angus cattle.   

“Pinkeye is a common problem in Angus herds which causes significant welfare implications and economic loss. Pinkeye is a multifactorial disease with many environmental and host factors.   

Previous studies have demonstrated a mild heritability between 0.06 and 0.33 in Angus and Angus influenced herds. Therefore, we believe there may be a small opportunity to play our part and reduce the incidence of Pinkeye in Angus cattle through genetic selection,” Dr Liam Mowbray BVSc (Hons).  

Pinkeye scores can be recorded by members if you have a pinkeye outbreak on farm. The scoring system is a 0 to 4 scale. Details can be found on the Angus Australia website under the Collection Guidelines for Angus Research

For further information please contact Dr Liam Mowbray from the Genetic Improvement team on 0436 406 140 or