Commercial Breeder Guide to the New Angus Selection Indexes

Angus Australia has recently released a new ‘Quick Guide to the New Angus Selection Indexes’ fact sheet.  

The fact sheet provides an explanation for commercial Angus breeders of the changes that have been made to the selection indexes that are published in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation and is a useful resource for Angus seedstock breeders when explaining the new selection indexes to their commercial bull buying clients. 

The ‘Quick Guide to the New Angus Selection Indexes’ is now available for download from the Angus Australia website.  

Angus Australia would encourage Angus seedstock breeders to consider making the ‘Quick Guide to the New Angus Selection Indexes’ available to buyers at their sale, either via inclusion within sale catalogue explanatory notes, or as a supplementary document.  

The ‘Quick Guide to the New Angus Selection Indexes’ covers:  

  • What selection indexes are now available? 
  • What are the main features of the new selection indexes?  
  • Choosing which new selection index is right for me?  
  • Using the new selection indexes in animal selection 

For further information on the new selection indexes, visit the Angus Education Centre or contact one of Angus Australia’s Breed Development Officer team.

 Jen Peart
Northern NSW, QLD, NT, Northern WA | 02 6773 4644 

Jake Phillips
VIC, SA, Southern WA | 02 6773 4625  

Matt Reynolds 
Central NSW, Southern NSW, TAS, New Zealand | 02 6773 4626